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[top]What is an Administrator?

You sometimes see the term "admin" or "administrator" thrown around in discussions from time to time, but what is an admin?
In the simple sense, an admin is a user with special powers over administration and management of the site. Technically this does not require a lot of responsibilities, but it does imply some. They are specially empowered to break the spirit of a wiki. They are allowed to do things like protect pages (lock them from editing or moving), delete pages (remove them from the database), and suspend or ban users (temporary or permanent block by IP).

[top]Types of Administrators

Here are the general types of admins on BRWiki:

[top]System Administrator

This is the admin (also known as a sysadmin; member of the "bureaucrat" wiki user group) who sets up and maintains the actual infrastructure of the wiki, such as what computer is runs on, what internet connection it uses, how things get paid for, what software is used, etc.
: Our wonderful benefactor in this case is Arjan who you can view as sort of a philosopher king and occasional contributor to BRWiki. He usually doesn't respond to day-to-day request, but holds the ultimate power and responsibility for whether BRWiki runs or not.
All major decisions about BRWiki defer to the System Administrator.

[top]Wiki Administrator

This is your more day-to-day admin (member of the "sysop" wiki user group) who responds to issues in the wiki, like making special changes (page locking, blocking users, restoring deleted pages, large-scale rollbacks, importing pages, etc.).
: This is the user who you should appeal to when you have a problem that could use one of the changes mentioned below (under "What Can They Do?"), but they should also help resolve disputes and enforce policies.
* Arjan – Technical admin (cleans up shit)
:* SorontarPolicy wonk, wiki expert, template-maker
* Geeman – the father of all monsters
:* Irdeggman – thoughtful editor, lead commentator:* Andrew– fluffmeister and pedant extraordinary
* KGauck– Lord of the Taelshore
:* Magnus Argent
* Thelandrinehrshegh of spelling and typos

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