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The Arms of AericThe Arms of Aeric

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Aeric Boeruine
Noble 6/ Fighter 6
Archduke of Boeruine, Lineage of Royalty
CR 12
HP , hd12
AC , touch , flat-fooded
Fort , Ref , Will
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Initiative +1
Spot −1, Listen +0
Anduiras (Roele?), Great 60
Bloodline abilities Bloodmark, Battlewise, Divine Aura (Major), Resistance (Anduiras, Great)
Standard attacks
BAB +0, Grapple
Melee attacks
Bastard sword +4

Skills unknown
Feats Cleave, Combat Expertise, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword, Great Cleave, Leadership, Power Attack, Skill Focus: Bluff, Skill Focus: Sense Motive, Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword, Weapon Specialization: Bastard Sword
Str 17
Con 15
Dex 15
Int 15
Wis 13
Cha 16
Alignment LN, Languages Common, Anuirean (native), Goblin, Rjuven
Possessions All of Boeruine is the Archduke's. He typically carries his sword Kingsbane which is a +4 bastard sword, and wears a suit of +4 field plate, named the Plate of the Great Bear.

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framed|Aeric Boeruine. Copyright 1995-2007 by Wizards of the Coast.

Typical Dialogue:
"I belong to one of the oldest families in all of Anuire. See how evenly derived is this genealogy? It is my birthright to sit on the Iron Throne."

"Thuriene, I came into your land for your protection, I offered you leadership of Haelyn's temples in Boeruine. But I need something in return. Your support to place me on the Iron Throne. Ours is a natural alliance."

"Ill-favouredly does Darien pursue what is mine. See him weave his plots with double words and treachery wooing the several dukes of Anuire. The Prince is naught but falsity in finery, he lacks the character to sit on the Iron Throne."


Aeric Boeruine is the Archduke of Boeruine. He is married to Kaela Isilviere. They have two children, a daughter and a son in Fhiele Boeruine and Derwyn Boeruine. Aeric is the son of Eldried Boeruine and Marianne Avan, but was raised by his uncle and step-father, Borric Boeruine.
The Archduke is one of the most powerful men in all of Anuire. He is also one of the last remaining scions of the Twelve Families that stood by the Roele Dynasty. If the Archduke has any weaknesses, he keeps them well hidden except for one - he's very allergic to bees.
The Archduke has a very determined sense of what he wants, and can be intimidating and overbearing when he doesn't get it. Aeric lacks sensitivity to the feelings and thoughts of others, and can bully his subordinates with bluster if they are uncertain. He might even be described as untactful, though his single minded focus on his realm leaves him little attention for the feelings of his followers. Indeed he rather feels that consideration for people's feelings should not form any basis for his judgements. He is concerned primarily with what is right, and other must simply accommodate themselves to that. As a result, those who oppose him tend to describe him as a blathering blowhard of a ruler. Aeric has an incredible, regal bearing, is very forceful, and exerts a dynamic presence through tremendous self-confidence and excellent verbal communication skills. He can be very intimidating. Even the most confident individuals may experience moments of self-doubt when debating a point with the Archduke. This is compounded by the fact that he can lacks patience with ineffectiveness and will berate those who don't produce results.
framed|Archduke Aeric Boeruine

Although a powerful politician, his strength in political manoeuvring is not deftness or subtlety, but lies in the soundness and logic of his plans. He is constantly scanning the horizon for potential problems which he must avoid, or better yet can turn to his advantage. Many a battle has been nearly lost only to be won by the Archduke's keen insight. Aeric generally sees things from a long-range perspective, is quite capable at formulating plans to turn problems around, especially problems of a political nature. Aeric has a vision for many things, but especially for Boeruine and Anuire. He has plans and works tirelessly to bring them about and implement his vision. The Archduke is quick to grasp complex situations and absorb a large amount of impersonal information. As a result, he is capable of quick and decisive judgements. Further, as a man of honour and integrity, he always keeps his word.
Aeric's genealogy includes Marianne Avan, his mother; and the mercurial Eldried Boeruine, his father. In an effort to secure peace with the Principality of Avanil, Aeric's grandfather, Donald Boeruine sought a marriage alliance in the Third Treaty of Ilien. One of the stipulations was the exchange of daughters in hand of marriage. Prince Sethien Avan exchanged his beloved daughter; Marianne Avan; for Aeric's Aunt -- Elaine Boeruine. Although Donald gave Marianne to his son, heir, and successor: Eldried; Sethien gave Elaine to Adair Avan; his brother.
Aeric was born when his grandfather was the Archduke. His father begat Aeric by forcefully raping Marianne Avan; his own wife, in a drunken stupor. Soon after that, his father slew an Elven awnshegh from Rhuobhe's Realm, and after that became one of the less known awnsheghlien (Eldried the Rake). Although his mother married to Borric Boeruine, Eldried's better brother; Aeric Boeruine grew up a military and princely brat. Unfortunately, he never grew out of it: it just got complicated.
At the time, his grandfather Donald sent the lad at the age of seven to Talinie in order to be fostered as a page. It was also a time when Boeruine faced a great war with Avanil, as tensions between trade routes was the last straw (the rape of Marianne Avan was not the primary reason despite the later tales of bards). Sethien Avan wanted to control the trade routes that Boeruine's guilds had claimed, the war carried on for ten years. However, while in Talinie, Aeric did indeed fall in love.
The Damsel that tamed the Beast was Belle Donalls; a lady-in-waiting and a novice in the Holy Royal Sisters of Haelyn. The maid was only fourteen, three years younger than he. First it started as a one sided friendship, then it grew to a true friendship, then they became lovers. However, as the war dragged on, the Archduke hurriedly called Aeric home. Aeric was heartbroken, but with a heavy heart he returned home; leaving behind his beloved Belle.
His grandfather then knighted him; and had him married to the vixen Kaela Isilviere, his third cousin. But before he could pass on the regency, his grandfather had one last battle on the fields of Avanil. The battle between the armies of Boeruine and Avanil was a great and bloody one. Aeric was ready to prove himself. He slew two of Avanil's nobles, absorbing their birthrights into himself as his division destroyed the Avanese Cavalry. However, nothing prepared him for what happened next: Sethien and Donald met each other on the battlefield.
The two worthy opponents proceeded to do battle with one another. Then it happened, at the last moment, as they called each other "old friends" they plunged their powerful swords into each other's chests. Donald was the first to die, having his heart pierced by Sethien's mighty sword. But Donald was smart enough to do the Rites of Investiture, Investing Borric with all of his Regency the early morning before. Sethien did not do this, nor did he name an heir. Sethien, hoping to have Donald's Birthright was denied rulership over both Avanil and Boeruine. With one last curse to Haelyn, Sethien was struck down by a mighty lightning bolt. Sethien died instantly, and his Birthright channelled into the Land of Avanil.
Taking the coincidental lightning strike as a sign from Haelyn; the Avanils left the field in defeat. The Boeruines won the day and then they returned to Boeruine Castle. Aeric assumed the mantle of Archduke, but without his beloved Belle Aeric's heart had grown cold over the years. His Wife, Kaela, gave him a daughter and a son in Fhiele Boeruine and Derwyn Boeruine. Aeric could not love Kaela as much as he loved Belle.
Years later, Borric met Veladin Avan, the "Sword Prince," in a major battle between the Archduchy and the Principality. No one understands how the war started, just that everyone was fighting. Again, Borric invested Aeric with the Regency of the Archduchy on the Morning before the final battle. When the fast and furious battle was over, Aeric found his adopted father slain. Admitting defeat this time, Aeric led his army back to Boeruine to regroup and to plan his next moves.
Later, when he went in to occupy Talinie he found the young cleric regent Thuriene Donalls as Thane. Boeruine was instantly reminded of his Belle in Thuriene's face and stopped his occupation of Talinie. He invited the young Thane to some private talks and tried to find out what happened to Belle. Belle, as it turned out, was Thuriene's aunt. When Thuriene informed Aeric that Belle died of a mysterious illness the Archduke asked Thuriene to leave. It was the first day that Aeric truly wept. That night, on the honor of Belle's dead Spirit, he swore that he would become the Emperor of Anuire.
The rest, as they say, is history.

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