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Arms of HaesrienArms of Haesrien

Montros, Count of Haesrien, rules the province. Still the richest in Tuornen, Haesrien suffered greatly from the War of Brothers and has been the focus smaller attacks from Alamie since the secession. While its farmers and herders are as industrious as those found throughout the realm, it is trade that makes Haesrien thrive.
Home to over 6,000 people, the city of Haes is the second oldest in all Tuornen and serves as the realm's heart of culture, commerce and government.
Diemerel is also an older town. A staging area for those traveling to Haes, Diemerel is known for its several fine inns and many cheap ones. It is also the center of trade and festivals for all the surrounding farmers and craftsmen.
In Haesren, it is Aeric Boeruine who has won the hearts of the people. Or at least he has become a symbol for what the Tuors would like in their own ruler: strength, decisiveness, ambition and power.

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