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Whatever the ceremony employed, the type of investiture, the purposes that it is used, or the reasons for it, an investiture requires three things -

[top]Investiture Ceremony

Investiture is a ritual performed by priests in the form of a realm spell before the representatives of the domain. The form of his rite, ceremony, or observance varies by realm, but it always marks the passage of power. It can channel the ancient power of a bloodline, the legacy of Deismaar, causing the divine fire to leap from one character to another. It can also anoint a character as a rightful ruler pf a domain and create a mystic link between the blooded scion and the land that is his to rule.
Regardless of the effect sought by the interested parties, all investitures share some common features. First some basic requirements must be met. Second the concerned parties must make preparations for the ceremony. Finally, the required characters must participate in the transfer.


The ceremony must be performed in or near the province or holding to be transferred, or a capital location for a group of provinces or holdings in the case of the transfer of a whole domain. Often the sacred character of a domain designates a special place for investitures. A bloodline investiture can occur anywhere.
When there are two domains and a single province is being transferred, the best place for the ceremony is the county seat of the province, but the court of either domain is also appropriate when other parts of a larger settlement is taking place.
Once arrangements have been made, the participants are in the right place, it then falls on the priest to cast the spell. This is a Free Action for the priest. The other participants use the Ceremony action. The materials for the spell cost 1GB. The spell cannot be cast without these materials.


Many characters preparing for investiture seek atonement from their patron diety. It is widely believed that a purity of spirit, unburdened by guilt and whatever errors where committed to get to this point, makes the investiture more successful.
The domain action is a month of the character's time. Depending on the domain, this time can be filled with pilgrimages, visitations, petitions, meeting various officers, performing certain tasks, and so on.


Investiture is a highly solemn ceremony in which sacred objects are brought to the character. These might include holy oils, libations, sacred relics, holy shafts of light, altars, inscribing a design around the character, and the like. These rituals are a ratification of the character as the proper occupant of the throne, culminating with the regent's recital of an oath and the placement of a coronet, mitre, or similar object upon his or her head. The new regent then receives their principle subordinates and accepts their oaths of loyalty. Some regents sit while their subordinates file past, other domains have the regent process past files of their subordinates. Such ceremonies are often centuries-old rituals with a great many formal and solemn traditions. Even new domains follow the forms of the domains they have replaced, or are nearby, or are liable to offer dignity and solemnity to the ceremony.
See the ceremony action for the different uses of the investiture.

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