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Arms of GhonallisonArms of Ghonallison

The most sparsely populated province in Tuornen, Ghonallison is half mountain, and the rest is mostly hilly. No great stretches of farmland are found here, only valleys here and there. The south east provides good pasture for herds of sheep and goats. The mountains in the north west are mined for their gold and silver.
At the foothills of the Seamist Mountains, the town of Fox Run serves as the market for the province, bringing up goods from Haesrien to the miners and shepherds. The town also ships wool and precious metals back to Haesrien. Fox Run smelts the metals into ingots which are minted into coins in Haes. The Duchess Laela Flaertes assigns military units to escort convoys of ingots along their route. His Lordship, Captain General Braedonnal Tuare oversees many of these shipments himself. A small mill converts timber into lumber here, for local construction. Fox, ermine, and mink are trapped in the mountains here, among the best quality skins to be found anywhere.
Many of the people here are frontier folk; honest, independent, perhaps a bit rough, and eager to be on the move. They love the land and know it well, being proud of the fact that they can hunt and trap right up to the border of the Five Peaks.
The Ghonallison family has held the province for hundreds of years, and were among Daulton's first supporters. Count Robin Ghonallison is typical of his line, a physically active hunter and rider. He enjoys leading his own border patrols in coordination with the army's scouts. A family of warriors and hunters, some even take to adventures in the Five Peaks, returning with tales of victories over goblins and worse. Others find careers in the military, serving as knights or even captains. The Ghonallisons have the easy familiarity with their people that one finds in the frontier marches, though both the people, who love them, and the family knows their different roles in society. The young, fashionable nobles at court distain the rustic nobility of the Ghonallisons, but the older members of court know them to be noble an courageous. Admittedly, a match means some distance from the court, but the honor and virtue of the house is attractive to those who make matches.
The goblins of the Five Peaks raid the land occasionally, mostly targeting the herds of sheep and goats, but sometimes attacking a caravan of gold and silver, if they happen to spot one. Generally the goblins are repulsed with little to show for their venture.
High in the mountains, Thunder Abbey serves the spiritual needs of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. Here young acolytes are trained to discipline their spirit and master weapons common to the Militant Order. The Order believes that one must master oneself before one can master battle. High in the peaks, among the clouds, the more spiritual meditations of the monks is said to occur in the presence of the Stormlord himself. The Order patrols the province with the approval of the count, and keeps an eye on both Alamie and the Five Peaks, but its main purpose is training and spiritual development.

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