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[top]Before Deismaar

Fleeing the Shadow in Aduria, the Boerin tribe of the Andu settled the shores of what is called now Boeruine and made a peaceful pact with the indigenous elves. Seasedge was then founded and many other communities were formed. For two hundred years, each boerin settlement governed itself like city-states, Seaharrow being the most powerful of them all. Its king, Carmis Boerin conquered all these city-states and created the great Kingdom of Boerin a long time before Deismaar.
Just before the dark years of the Shadow?s coming, the land of the Kingdom then called Boeruine (its spelling changed over the years following its creation) drew many farmers, woodcutters and guildsmen within its boundaries to take whatever part of the available assets that they could use to make a living. The realm prospered and became a strong opponent of the Avan Tribe from Anuire.

[top]Imperial Boeruine

After the old god?s deaths and the creation of the bloodlines, the Kingdom of Boeruine joined its royal neighbor of Anuire and created the first great duchy of the Empire. The duke?s daughter was betrothed to Roele and the alliance was sealed. The new emperor convened with the duke that Seaharrow would become the summer imperial residence.

[top]Post imperial Boeruine

Nine hundred and seventy-three years later, all of that changed. The now prosperous duchy had a chance with Michael Roele?s death to become home to the imperial family as its duke, Derwyn Boeruine (elder), was married to the emperor?s eldest sister Laera Roele. The struggle put an end to the Anuirean Empire?s stability and brought its center of power in a costly civil war.
The duchy became known has the Archduchy to politically oppose the Principality of Avanil, traditionally the home of the royal family before the empire collapsed. The duke?s entourage failed to earn the respect of its southern neighbors and ultimately, Taeghas joined its enemy. Another obstacle to the duke?s claim was and is Rhuobhe Manslayer, an elven lord eager to rip the hearts out of all humans across Cerillia. Using the Civil War to ensure that no realm could decide to unite against him, Rhuobhe ordered his elven warriors and wizards to increase their number of raids and to massacre as much humans they could. As such, the archduke?s armies were now divided; half were needed to protect the Boeruineans against the elves and the other half against Avanil?s ally.
The archduchy endured this for five centuries with only Talinie as its ally. Today, the tradition continues, festivals and religious ceremonies are celebrated to honor the coming of the imperial family at Seaharrow during summer. However, for now, the Imperial Throne remains empty each year. Only the High Chamberlain of Anuire, Caliedhe Dosiere, comes for a week or two, to makes his yearly speech of unity and peace. An oratorical moralistic ideal that hasn?t earned him any followers from the archduke?s realm.

[top]Archduke Donald

Archduke Donald Boeruine engaged in a series of hard fought and exhausting wars which ended with the Third Treaty of Ilien. After these wars, discontent in the nobility resulted in the Rebellion of Hotspur. Soon after that, Eldried Boeruine slew an Awnshegh elf from Rhuobhe's Realm, and after that became one of the lesser awnsheghlien known as Eldried the Rake.
The peace Donald worked so hard to maintain fell apart as a guild war between the Boeruine Trading Guild and Upper Anuire Traders on the one hand and Prince's Pride and Brosen Royal Guild on the other for control of trade in Taeghas and Tuornen. When the guild war escalated from street violence to the hiring of mercenary companies, Boeruine and Avanil both responded with military action as well.
Archduke Donald died shortly after the start of the war. His final battle between the armies of Boeruine and Avanil was a great and bloody one. Sethien Avan and Donald met each other on the battlefield. The two worthy opponents proceeded to do battle with one another. Then it happened, at the last moment, as they called each other "old friends" they plunged their powerful swords into each other's chests. Donald was the first to die, having his heart pierced by Sethien's mighty sword. But Donald was smart enough to do the Rites of Investiture, Investing Borric with all of his Regency the early morning before.

[top]Archduke Borric

During the Trade War, Archduke Borric Boeruine supported his guilders with military forces. The war was much less intense than other wars fought between Boeruine and Avanil as the war aims were limited and both states had not fully recovered from earlier wars. Despite their best efforts, the Trade War was largely a failure, in which Prince's Pride and Brosen Royal Guild largely dominated Tuornen, and Taeghas remained split evenly.

[top]Archduke Aeric

When Count Alfred Khorien and his son and heir, Edgar Khorien were slain in an ambush laid by the Manslayer, the realm of Taeghas was thrown into chaos. Immediatly, Aeric Boeruine put forward the claims of Roger Khorien, Alfred's brother. Alfred's younger son Harald Khorien was supported by Darien Avan. Harald did a better job of rallying the realm behind him, while Roger seems to have taken his own victory for granted. Only two months after the death of Count Alfred, Roger nominally lead an army into Taeghas to claim his birthright, begining the War of Taeghean Succession.
In the county of Portage, Aeric Boeruine won a decisive battle at Ambelside, which he hoped would bring the court and nobility over to Roger's cause. Prince Darien brought his own army into Taeghas, and forced Boeruine to adopt a defensive stance. The Archduke wanted to preserve his lines of retreat as well as supply so that he could force Prince Darien to give battle. The armies maneuvered across northern Taeghas, but Harald's amries always seemed to know when and where to defend. The Archduke was worried about spies, but was also wary that Harald, an astrologer before seeking the throne, was reading his deployments in the stars. Arlen Innis tried to shield Boeruine's army from scrying and other divination, but Taeghas seemed always to know the movements and dispositions of the Archduke's forces. When Arlen declared that the course of magic had changed in the province and that Harald had very likely gained control of a source in Portage, it was clear that time was running out. After Rhobher Nichaleir's investiture of Harald Khorien was successful, Aeric Boeruine acknowledged Harald as Count of Taeghas and withdrew his support formal support for Roger.

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