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Arms of BacaeleArms of Bacaele

Bacaele has endured almost constant warfare as the southwestern province bordering Taeghas, leading many of its inhabitants to a are suspicious or weary demeanor. The laboring Bacaeleans are primarily farmers and fishers. Delwynn?s Ford on the shore of the Elfwash River is the main town in the county and home to a permanent military garrison.
Count Anorael Valanthas (MA; Ftr5/Warmaster2; Unblooded) rules his fief with strict military discipline. He is fierce, cruel, and some even say ill tempered, though he follows the laws to the letter. Not only is he an excellent general, the Archduke favors his militaristic approach to the province, as he thinks harsh times need harsh measures.


Daggersrock (Village): Conventional; AL NE, CE; 500 gp limit; Assets 12,500 gp; Population 500 (human 83%, dwarf 7%, halfling 7%, other 3%).

Daggersrock is a village of about 500 inhabitants. A home to brigands, smugglers and mercenaries. Many of them are veterans from past wars, have fought for both sides and are now trying to cash in on a life spent in the service of their lords. Daggersrock hires its farm labor as the settlers there make too much money elsewhere to spend their time toiling in fields.
The mayor is a roguish and selfish Brecht called Mark Willem Krüger (MBr; Rog6/Ass3; Scion of Brenna, tainted, 8). He maintains his position by ruthless guile. Some say that Krüger has connections with Arien Borthein of the Boeruine Trading Guild.

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