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There are three principal calendars in common use in Cerilia today: Masetian Arrival (Ma), used by the Khinasi; Haelyn's Count (HC), favored by the astronomers and scholars of Anuire, and commonly used elsewhere in Cerilia; and Michaeline Reckoning (MR), in common use in Anuire and Rjurik. Masetian Arrival starts its count of years from the first arrival of humans in Cerilia, at the end of the Flight from Shadow. Haelyn's Count begins with the ascension of Haelyn as a god, at the Battle of Mount Deismaar. Michaeline Reckoning is dated from the death of Michael Roele.

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Table: Timeline of Cerilia
Masetian Arrival Haelyn's Count Michaeline Reckoning
Before humans came to CeriliaWars of dwarves, elves, orogs, and goblins
Rise and fall of human empires in Aduria
Founding of Lluabraight (ca. -3500 HC)
Founding of Baruk-Azhik (circa -3000 Ma)
Dwarven-elven peace accords (-920 Ma)
Brecht in Aduria begin explorations by land and sea to find a new home, hoping to flee the Shadow
-685 Ma-1200 HC-1973 MRGhaelfyd of Sielwode befriends Tarazin the Gray
0 Ma-515 HC-1488 MRThe Flight from Shadow and arrival of humans in Cerilia; the Brecht explore the western seas
0-50 Ma-515 to -465 HC-1488-38 MRAndu settle most lands now recognized as Anuire
7 Ma-508 HC-1481 MRMhor Maglan begins rule of Mhors in Mhoried
12 Ma-503 HC-1476 MRMaltos Sariya founds city of Saria, where Ariya now stands
115 Ma–400 HC–1373 MRFirst recorded Rjuven settlements in northern Cerilia
About 2-4 centuries before DeismaarWars of humans and elves
Declaration of the gheallie Sidhe
Wars of the Deretha (5th tribe of Andu) and Spiderlord
Founding of city of Ilien
Tarazin the Gray attacks Elins
Wars of the Mhora (3rd tribe of the Andu) against the goblin kingdom of Kar-Durgar (Caer Duirga)
165-265 Ma-350 to -250 HC-1323-1223 MRBrecht explorers cross the land bridge but find themselves embroiled in the human-elf wars. Andu overlords dominate many. Some flee north and discover the Krakkenauricht.
265 Ma -250 HC -1223 MRThe Brecht try to sail north past Andu; initial attempts fail. The smaller ships founder in the Sea of Storms; others that attempt to anchor for provisions disappear. Tales of hideous creatures in the great northern woods reach old Brechtür.
266 Ma-249 HC-1222 MRRjuven druids found first temple at Odemarkin Halskapa
295 Ma–220 HC–1193 MRRjuven wars with the elves begin
315 Ma-200 HC-1173 MRSkapa Hjarring in Halskapa known as a major trade center
The first wave of Brecht settlers reaches the Great Bay of Brechtür. They settle what will later become Müden, Massenmarch, and Kiergard.
323 Ma-192 HC-1165 MRLocal clans elect first jarl governor of Skapa Hjarring
325 Ma–190 HC–1163 MRDeath of the Old High Druid Sigvar; Njarl Sunbow succeeds him
The Brecht encounter the elves of the Coulladaraight. Despite initial fears, the two sides agree to delineate borders. Danigau is settled by the second wave of refugees.
332 Ma-183 HC-1156 MRHalskapa founded
333 Ma–182 HC–1155 MRLluabraight stands as the only remaining elf nation in Rjurik
About 1 century before DeismaarAzrai corrupts elves and Vos
349 Ma-166 HC-1139 MRThe Mhora raze Kar-Durgar
400 Ma -115 HC -1088 MRIrboudans migrate to Saere Sendiere from Irbouda
410 ma -105 HC -1078 MRIrboudan tribesmen form empire over Zikala, Sendoure,
Rohrmarch, and lands that will eventually become Binsada
465 Ma -50 HC -1025 MRThe third wave of Brecht colonization begins. Some settle in the northern lands, merging with the Rjuven people. Danigau's population swells. Others explore Thaele and venture as far east as Svinoy Island, but find the climate inhospitable.
495 Ma -20 HC -993 MRBasarji colonization begins in earnest
Müden's population increases in the third wave of Brecht colonization, settlers push into Mountains of the Silent Watch
505 Ma -10 HC -983 MRKhinasi clans displace Irboudan tribes in Binsada and neighboring lands, marking end of Old Binsada
513 Ma-2 HC-975 MROpening of the War of Shadow
The third wave of Brecht colonization ends with the War of Shadow. Most Brechts fight under Anuirean or Basarji banners. Brecht warships help to turn the tide against Vos raiders. The Great Bay region holds firm against invasion.
515 Ma0 HC-973 MRBattle of Mount Deismaar; Masetians all but exterminated
517 Ma2 HC-971 MRFirst Rjurik nations are founded
523 Ma8 HC-965 MRKarn Aglondier becomes ruler of Ilien, vassal of Diemed
Saria sacked, then rebuilt by Basarji as Ariya
524 Ma9 HC-964 MRNurida el-Deyír experiences a vision, begins preaching Avani's faith in Ariya
525 Ma10 HC–963 MRRohrmarch founded by Brecht refugees and Masetian survivors
527 Ma12 HC–961 MRFounding of City of Anuire
About 10 HC to 40 HCRoele unifies Anuire, dominates eastern Brechtür and southern Rjurik;
priests of old gods battle priests of the new;
surviving Masetians flee to islands near Ajari Deeps
529 Ma14 HC-959 MRRjurik defeat Anuireans at Battle of Dankmaar
530 Ma15 HC-960 MRRoele wages war on Rjurik but is repelled; Baruk-Azhik seals gates and retreats underground
537 Ma22 HC-951 MRBattles between Anuireans and northern Rjurik end in stalemate
539 Ma24 HC-949 MRHalskapa achieves status as the most powerful Rjurik realm
540 Ma25 HC-948 MRJankaping, Halskapa, Svinik, Rjuvik, and Hjalsone join Roele's empire as equals to the Anuirean realms
544 Ma29 HC-944 MRFaroud el-Mesir founds Mesire
549 Ma34 HC-939 MRHogunmark founded; Wjulf chosen as first king
553 Ma38 HC–935 MRWulf Danigau repels Anuireans in Wierech three times. The Count of Danigau announces that further attacks will force him to "cleanse Cerilia of the Anuirean pestilence." Anuireans relent.
555 Ma40 HC–933 MRGrevesmühl, Müden, Massenmarch, and Dauren all bend to Anuirean overlords. Kiergard is in anarchy. The rest of the southern Brecht realms are under Anuirean occupation.
Djapar breaks off contact with the Basarji; Roele conquers the Saere Siendere
564 Ma49 HC-924 MRNurida el-Deyír reaches the Docandragh
566 Ma51 HC-922 MRRoele's campaign to conquer Vosgaard fails
567 Ma52 HC–921 MRRoele flees Vosgaard after a failed campaign, visits Anuirean lords in Grevesmühl and Müden.
568 Ma53 HC-920 MRKing Wjulf of Hogunmark dies; his daughter Breyana ascends as queen
575 Ma60 HC-913 MRDeath of Roele; his son Boeric Roele becomes Emperor.
Anuirean overlords in some Brecht lands involve Brecht leaders in government. Some win popularity and respect.
576 Ma61 HC-912 MRCities of Aaldvika and Veikanger founded in Hogunmark
585 Ma70 HC-903 MRMhor Endira swears allegiance to Boeric Roele, formally incorporating Mhoried into the Anuirean Empire
586 Ma71 HC-902 MRBirth of Thendiere Mhoried, illegitimate son of Mhor Endira and Emperor Boeric Roele
596 Ma81 HC-892 MRRise of The Serpent's power; first mention of him in the Docandragh
598 Ma83 HC-890 MREmperor Gladian Roele allows founding of Talinie
600 Ma85 HC-888 MRFounding of Nurida and el-Deyír
625 Ma110 HC–863 MRCivil war in Müden. Quelled quickly, it leads to the eventual establishment of Treucht and Berhagen as separate realms.
632 Ma117 HC–856 MRUprising in Massenmarch. Assisted by renegade Müdenites, the remaining old families of Massenmarch rise up against their Anuirean overlords. Massenmarch's overlord brutally puts down the rebellion. Massenmarch begins slide into anarchy.
723 Ma208 HC-765 MRThe Gorgon defeats Raizhadik, dragon of Kal-Saitharak
744 Ma229 HC-744 MRGorgon launches invasion of Anuire that is repelled along the line of the Maesil
760 Ma245 HC-728 MROrhan of Ariya converts to Avani's faith
768 Ma253 HC-720 MRAppearance of Dusk Man in Halskapa, raises troops of orogs and gnolls to conquer three Halskapan provinces
770 Ma255 HC-718 MRBaruk-Azhik returns and reopens contact
815 Ma300 HC-673 MRFounding of Khourane
885 Ma370 HC-603 MRHjalsone conquered by Anuireans and renamed Dhoesone
890 Ma375 HC-598 MRDwarf-city of Kheleb-Izhil sealed
994 Ma479 HC-494 MRBattle of the Iron Cape, Anuireans attempt to invade Halskapa
1006 Ma491 HC-482 MRBritter Kalt slays the Sinister and becomes The Vampire
1017 Ma502 HC-471 MRGorgon's second invasion of Anuire is halted in the pass of Caerlinien, in Cariele.
1065 Ma550 HC-423 MRThe Serpent curses the surviving Masetians
1071 Ma556 HC-417 MRMhor Ulmaeric, a powerful sorceror, ascends to Mhoried's throne
1083 Ma568 HC-405 MRUlmaeric deposed by his sister, Princess Fhiliera
1089 Ma574 HC-399 MRThe Order of the Sun founded in Djafra
1196-1223 Ma681-708 HC-292 to -265 MRClan Wars (civil war) in Hogunmark
About 700-800 years after Deismaar Height of the Anuirean Empire's power and expansion
1249 Ma734 HC-239 MRBirth of el-Arrasi
1270 Ma755 HC-218 MRRashid doune el-Arrasi defeats his brother Eirat in battle for succession
1271 Ma756 HC-217 MREl-Arrasi ascends to the throne of Ariya
1277 Ma762 HC-211 MREmperor Alándalae takes Iron Throne, opens campaign against the Basarji. Founds Lectis Magna on Saere Sendiere
1279 Ma764 HC-209 MREl-Arrasi organizes Basarji Federation; Basarji revolution begins
1296 ma781 HC-192 MREl-Arrasi sacks Lectis Magna
1299 Ma784 HC-189 MRAlándalae killed in Basarji campaign at Battle of the Asarwe, Caercuillen becomes emperor and ally of el-Arrasi following Battle of Kfeira; Basarji Revolution ends with Anuire keeping only Suiriene
1300 Ma785 HC-188 MRKhourane struggles to reestablish itself as a nation
1302 Ma787 HC-186 MRDiyab el-Falaïa emerges as victor for throne of Khourane
1303 Ma788 HC-185 MRCity of Ber Falaïa founded
1299-1400 Ma 784-885 HC -189 to -88 MRGolden Age of Ariya
1311 Ma796 HC-177 MRDeath of el-Arrasi, assasinated by an agent of the Serpent; body (in stasis) disappears
1313 Ma798 HC-175 MRDiyab el-Falaïa is assassinated; son Yezeed ibn Diyab el-Falaïa succeeds him as ruler of Khourane
1327 Ma812 HC-161 MREldracht Hoffstugart of Müden leads rebellion against Anuire
1328 Ma813 HC-160 MRPrince Eldracht killed by Tarazin the Gray
1348 ma833 HC-140 MRChenghas Zaran brings Binsadan nomad clans to aid of Ariyan ruler Jamal I against Aftane; Jamal refutes Chenghas Zaran any territorial reward. Chenghas Zaran conquers western Ariya, founding modern Binsada
1380 Ma865 HC-108 MRFirst accounts of The Hydra in the Harrowmarsh
1400-1500 Ma 885-985 HC -88 to 22 MRHeight of Khinasi power
1401 Ma886 HC-87 MRTarazin wounded by Witt Hoffstugart, removes lair to Drachenaurs to avoid humans
1426 Ma911 HC-62 MRDeath of Rhuobhan, King of Innishiere, and ascension of King Rhynnwyd
1435 Ma920 HC–53 MRMüden, Treucht, and Berhagen become " free states" under Anuire. Both Brecht and Anuirean leaders rule in these realms.
1437 Ma922 HC-51 MRTransformation of Garrilein Suliere into The Seadrake
1440 Ma925 HC-48 MRFounding of the Nuridian Temple of Sarma
1441 Ma926 HC–47 MRMassenmarch and Rheulgard become " free states." Treucht is ruled by guardians from both Massenmarch and Müden. A strong army remains in Kiergard.
Founding of Sendoure
1453 Ma938 HC-35 MRBirth of Michael Roele
1465 Ma950 HC-23 MRDeath of Emperor Hadrian, beginning of Boeruine's rebellion
1473 Ma958 HC-15 MRBattle of Sorrow's Field, end of Civil War
1470 Ma955 HC-18 MRFounding of Besaïam
1488 Ma973 HC0 MRDeath of Michael Roele, end of Empire; Anuire abandons Suirienean colony; the Sorcerer appears in northern Rjurik and begins carving out what is now the Realm of The White Witch from Hogunmark and Lluabraight
About 975 HC - 1100 HCCivil wars rack Anuire, shattering Empire
Brechtür regains its independence
Anuireans retreat from Rjurik, Khinasi
1491 Ma976 HC3 MRMüden and Massenmarch achieve true independence from Anuirean overlords. The other Basin States soon follow, though the war is bloody in Kiergard. The realms of the Overlook and the Western Reaches gain independence in the coming decades. Berhagen becomes an independent state.
1495 Ma980 HC7 MRFatima bint el-Arrasi founds theocracy in Ariya
1497 Ma982 HC9 MRAftane attacks Ariya and seizes four northern provinces, beginning century of warfare
1516 Ma999 HC26 MRDeath of Aedan Dosiere, Regent of Anuire
1526 Ma1011 HC38 MRAppearance of The Lamia in Besaïam
1530 Ma1013 HC40 MROrog encroachments in Baruk-Azhik begin
1545 Ma1030 HC57 MRStjordvik and Rjuvik declare independence from the Empire
1546 Ma1031 HC58 MRSvinik declares independence from the Empire
1547 Ma1032 HC59 MRHalskapa and the remaining Rjurik realms declare independence from the Empire
1553 Ma1038 HC65 MRMhor Caelwyn leads army to aid Cariele against Thurazor
1565 Ma1050 HC77 MRMhor Oervyn fortifies Torien's Watch
1565 Ma 1050 HC 77 MRFulda Geissen of Grabentod marries Kurrel of Drachenward; Kurrel dies in the same year. Drachenward and Grabentod nearly go to war. The Hag appears in Kordan.
1566 Ma1051 HC78 MR-
1578 Ma1063 HC90 MRAvan and Boeruine conclude treaty ending the worst of Anuire's civil wars
1590 Ma1075 HC102 MRSefra pillaged and destroyed by Vos raiders
1615 Ma1100 HC127 MRAnuirean influence completely banished from Rjurik lands; King Hjafolen of Halskapa forges early alliances with new Rjurik domains
1633 Ma1118 HC145 MRAppearance of The Basilisk in Djira
1637 Ma1122 HC149 MRThe Diabolyk destroyed by The Gorgon
1649 Ma1134 HC161 MRAppearance of The Sphinx in the Bair el-Tehara; residents sack Irbouda and flee
1651 Ma1136 HC163 MRThe Brecht League is founded. All major realms are represented, though Müden contributes only naval forces.
1652 Ma1137 HC164 MRBrecht "exploration army" moves into "unoccupied" lands to the east. Conflicts with Vos tribes begin.
1655 Ma1140 HC167 MRTsarevic Basil Zariyatam unites the Vos tribes and defeats the Brecht League at the Battle of Lake Ladan. Brecht forces flee north and west, strengthening Müden and Grevesmühl.
1655 Ma 1140 HC 167 MRThe Vos overrun the realm now known as Rzhlev. The forces of Müden drive the Vos out of Berhagen and negotiate an uneasy peace. The dwarves of Daikhar Zhigun help the people of Grevesmühl, and a cautious friendship develops.
1711 Ma1198 HC223 MRMedeci stormed by Vos hordes; Medec falls.
1740 Ma1225 HC252 MRDeath of the Sandpiper
1743 Ma1230 HC255 MRThe Minotaur claims the Maze
1773 Ma1258 HC285 MRRichard Endier begins clearing The Spiderfell
1786 Ma1271 HC298 MRThe Gorgon invades Tuarhievel, armies repelled
1787 Ma1272 HC299 MREndier declares itself independent of Diemed
A goblin army from The Spiderfell pillages eastern Diemed
1793 Ma1278 HC305 MRLehoene Aglondier proclaims Ilien free of Diemed
1807 Ma1292 HC319 MRJarod Dannis wins Battle of Ice Haven, ending three centuries of chaos and warfare in Talinie
1819 Ma1304 HC331 MRRise of Karl Bissel in Massenmarch. Acting secretly as an operative of The Gorgon, Bissel assassinates leaders of Massenmarch and Kiergard, causing anarchy in both realms. Müden tries to assist remaining nobles in Massenmarch.
1820 ma1305 HC332 MRDantaverah el-Sharaf, the Tyrant, claims regency over Binsada
1828 Ma1313 HC340 MRKingdom of Famenna conquered by Pipryet Vos
1830 Ma1315 HC342 MRErdrand the Great ascends throne of Talinie
Facing Zikalan expansion, Ariya and Binsada ally
1835 Ma1320 HC347 MRThe Gorgon's armies conquer Kiergard. An overlord (other than Bissel) is appointed. Bissel names himself The Swordhawk and makes himself ruler in Massenmarch.
1842 Ma1327 HC354 MRCompletion of Ber Dairas in Binsada by the dwarves of Baruk-Azhik
1846 ma1331 HC358 MRDantaverah el-Sharaf assassinated, el-Sharafs broken in Binsada
1849 Ma1334 HC361 MRFounding of Kvigmar
1857 Ma1342 HC369 MRWestern Merasaf conquered by Iron Hand orogs; northwest Vos provinces secede, form Yeninskiy
1860 Ma1345 HC372 MRErdrand II becomes Thane of Talinie; first Rashid queen begins rule in Binsada
1862 Ma1347 HC374 MRErdrand's wife Clarice becomes regent after Erdrand II's death
Clarice, the Apostate Queen, marries Halloravant
1871 Ma1356 HC383 MRMorik von Luftar lands on the Krakenstaur and observes no inhabitants. Other explorers follow in the next few decades; many disappear along with their ships.
1887 Ma1372 HC399 MRBarony of Ghoere created from old states of Ghieste and Bhalaene
1903 Ma1388 HC415 MRThe Serpent seizes control of Mairada
1911 Ma1396 HC423 MRSultanate of Djira conquered by Aftane and Djafra, Black Spear Tribes add chaos
1912 Ma1397 HC424 MRBer Falaïa fends off an attack by the Black Spear Tribes
1917 Ma1402 HC429 MRGhoere marches on Ilien, but is defeated by Axlea Aglondier
1921 Ma1406 HC433 MRBirth of The Harpy; Djiran capital falls to gnolls
1925 Ma1410 HC437 MRBirth of Daen Roesone
1929 Ma1414 HC441 MRThe Sphinx mounts foray into Binsada, leading to el-Reshid leadership in Binsada
1932 Ma1417 HC444 MRBerric Alam inherits throne after Kaeduric Alam's death
1935 Ma1420 HC447 MRBerric Alam attacks supporters of brother Dalton Tuor
The Basilisk and the Black Spear Tribes hold power in Djira
1935-38 Ma1420-23 HC447-450 MRWar of Brothers in Alamie
1939 Ma1424 HC451 MRMedoere declares independence from Diemed
1936 Ma1421 HC448 MRTransformation of The Chimaera
1938 Ma1423 HC450 MRDalton Tuor defeats Berric Alam, Tuornen wins freedom
1945 Ma1430 HC457 MRDalton Tuor's death, daughter Telaena inherits Tuornen
1947 Ma1432 HC459 MRPyotr Tusilov deposes Tsar Lenski, claims Ust Atka as The Raven
1948 Ma1433 HC460 MRBirth of Gaelin Mhoried
1951 Ma1436 HC463 MRHigh Mistress Llaeddra ascends to the throne of Lluabraight
1954 Ma1439 HC466 MRUlrich Graben "returns" to Grabentod and names himself the new king. Local pirates and other inhabitants seem to accept his claims after some initial dissention. He begins raiding the northern waters of the Great Bay.
1955 Ma1440 HC467 MRColin Shaefpaete reveals himself as the Island Mage and closes The Zweilunds to outside incursions. His ships, once confused with the pirates of Grabentod, begin raiding on their own.
Coronation of Grimm Graybeard in Baruk-Azhik
1956 Ma1441 HC468 MRTuranda becomes Mage of Merasaf
1957 Ma1442 HC469 MRLast known sighting of The Leviathan
1958 Ma1443 HC470 MRDaen Roesone returns to eastern Diemed
1959 Ma1444 HC471 MRBaron Noered Tuorel comes to power in Ghoere
1962 Ma1447 HC474 MRCoronation of Aziza el-Mashil in Khourane
1962-65 Ma1447-50 HC474-77 MRRoesonian war of independence
1965 Ma1450 HC477 MRPlague year in Ariya
1968 Ma1453 HC480 MRBrun Szareh has vision of Ruornil, begins gathering faithful in eastern Diemed
From 480-500 MRRuornil's faithful migrate to eastern Diemed
1972 Ma1457 HC484 MRGhoere invades and occupies Elinie
1973 Ma1458 HC485 MRDeath of Emira Aziza el-Mashil in Khourane
Coronation of Farid bin Aziza el-Mashil
1974 Ma1459 HC486 MRWar of Ghoere and Mhoried, start of Gaelin the Restorer's reign
1976 Ma1461 HC488 MRRhuobhe Manslayer kills Telaena Tuor
1977 Ma1462 HC489 MRAlamie invades Tuornen, held at Haes
Braedonnal Tuare of Tuornen kills Jerem Alam
1979 Ma1464 HC491 MRGilgaed Tuor rises to rule of Tuornen
1986 Ma1471 HC498 MRKing Fjerdinand of Halskapa slain by the Dusk Man, son Bervinig assumes throne
1988 Ma1473 HC500 MRBrun Szareh disappears in The Spiderfell
Mourton Enlien sent to Braeme to rule in Diemed's name
1991 Ma1476 HC503 MRThane Thalia of Talinie also installed as leader of the Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn, beginning theocracy
1993 Ma1478 HC505 MRDeath of Duke Vandiel Diemed; Roesone recognized; Gunnar overthrows the Sorcerer to wrest control of what is now the Realm of The White Witch
1994 Ma1479 HC506 MRAxlea Aglondier declares Ilien's neutrality
1995 Ma1480 HC507 MRThe Royal Navy of Müden declares war on piracy in the Great Bay region. It scores some initial successes before the pirates switch to more cautious raids.
1996 Ma1481 HC508 MRRefugees from Djafra spill into Khourane
1997 Ma1482 HC509 MRGeneral Braedonnal Tuare banished from Tuornen
1998 Ma1483 HC510 MRPact of Ilien recognized by all southern coast kingdoms
1999 Ma1484 HC511 MRDajel Aglondier ascends to throne of Ilien; The White Witch rises to power after her uncle Gunnar's untimely death
2002 Ma1487 HC514 MRRhuobhe harries Elevesnemiere in Tuornen
Appearance of The Boar of Thuringode. The armies of The Swordhawk suffer large numbers of casualties trying to capture or destroy it. A secret power (later identified as The Fae) arises in Treucht.
2004 Ma1489 HC516 MRThe fortress of Adlersburg in Wierech is built, ostensibly to watch over the expanding empire of The Gorgon. The armies of Danigau drive the last of the Urga-Zai goblins out of Danigau's western provinces.
Death of Daen Roesone
2006 Ma1491 HC518 MRSoleme Aglondier inherits Ilien after brother Dajel's death
2007 Ma1492 HC519 MRBraedonnal Tuare returns to Tuornen
Baruk-Azhik dwarves suffer major defeat vs. orogs
2008 Ma1493 HC520 MRIncorporation of the Chimaeron
Dalien Enlien inherits Braeme, persecutes Ruornites
2009 Ma1494 HC521 MRRise of The White Witch in Mandal
2010 Ma1495 HC522 MRDeath of High Lord Daegendal of Rhuannach
2012 Ma1497 HC524 MRFounding of the Siren's Domain when The Siren defeats the Dusk Man
2013 Ma1498 HC525 MRHalskapan delegation into the Siren's realm is slain after an assassination attempt.
2014 Ma1501 HC528 MRMhor Gaelin steps down in favor of his son, Mhor Daeric II.
2017 Ma1502 HC529 MRThuriene Danalls becomes Thane of Talinie, Jorain Endier dies shortly after his sons Timothy and Thomas and his daughter Elenier, Guilder Kalien selflessly takes on the burden of ruling Endier and declares it a Free City, neutral of all politics and a safe haven for the persecuted.
2019 Ma1504 HC531 MRGuilds gain power in Djafra; Hjolvar founded by King Uldviik; Fulgar wrests control of province of Yvarre in Rjuvik from the jarl Norvlad
Destruction of Adlersburg in Wierech
2020 Ma1505 HC532 MRThe Sphinx begins attacking Khinasi trade routes
2021 Ma1506 HC533 MRAppearance of el-Sheighül in the Black Spear tribes
2023 Ma1508 HC535 MRDeath of Emir Farid bin Aziza el-Mashil of extreme old age
Coronation of Kalilah bint Farid el-Mashil in Khourane
2026 Ma1508 HC538 MRMoeren Aglondier, son of Dajel, deposes Soleme and wins Ilien
2027 Ma1512 HC539 MRViborg in Rjuvik falls to Fulgar
2028 Ma1513 HC540 MRRise of the Red Kings of Aftane
Dalien Enlien outlaws worship of Ruornil in Braeme
2029 Ma1514 HC541 MRAppearance of el-Sirad and founding of Mour el-Sirad
Lord-Prince Gerad of Ariya defeats pirate lord Bédize
Bard Crisoebyr meets Tarazin the Gray
Zhullik the Scarlet Baron leads invasion of Taelshore kingdoms, is killed in Battle of Innsmark by Thrakkazz, who seizes power to become new Scarlet Baron
2031 Ma1516 HC543 MRSuris Enlien, daugther of Dalien, has vision of Ruornil
Egris Enlien killed by his brother Dalien
Suris kills Dalien and declares theocracy of Medoere
Dieman invasion of Medoere defeated at Tieren Keep
2033 Ma1518 HC545 MRThe Magian conquers Pipryet
The Royal Navy of Müden launches an invasion of Grabentod. King Albrecht Graben is captured and brought to Müden as a hostage.
2035 Ma1520 HC547 MRThe Manticore comes to power in Madrik; The Sphinx takes three provinces from the Tarvan Waste in the Carnegauan Massacre; secret summit between King Bervinig of Halskapa and The Siren
2036 Ma1521 HC549 MRQueen Ljorrah of Stjordvik dies, her son Varri succeeds her
2037 Ma1522 HC549 MRDeath of Grimm Graybeard in Baruk-Azhik
2039 Ma1524 HC551 MREmira Kalilah bint Farid el-Mashil of Khourane lost at sea
2039 Ma1524 HC551 MRCurrent date

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