Basarji Federation

The Basarji Federation was an alliance of many realms and led by el-Arrasi, the ruler of Ariya.

He began to form the Federation in 1277 MA to mantain independence of the free Basarji realms against the aggressive expansionist politic of Alandalae, the new Emperor of the Anuirean Empire.

El-Arrasi worked a lot to unite the various states since many realms didn't want to provoke the mighty Empire and only after two years of diplomacy, dealings and intimidation he did complete his tasks.

The Federation fought for 20 years in what is known as the Basarji Revolution and achived the final victory at the Battle of Kfeira, where el-Arrasi killed Alandalae and make a peace treaty with Caercuillen, his heir and new Emperor.

By the deal, all Basarji lands were freed from Anuirean rule (with the exception of the colony of Suiriene) and el-Arrasi led the Federation for 12 years, when he was killed by agents of the Serpent.

After his death, within a decade the Basarji Federation had fallen to pieces and never has been recreated.

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