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The southeast province of Braeme consists of a rugged yet beautiful series of hills and highlands, lush fields, verdant grasslands, and small lakes. Rivers frame much of the province, forming a large portion of Braeme?s borders. To the northeast, the Spider River separates the province from Roesone. To the east, most of the border with Ilien consists of the Adele River. To the west, the small Celestial River divides Braeme from its sister province of Alamier. With few exceptions, all of the settlements in Braeme must be classified as villages. The only difference between them and farm houses is that the neighbors are closer and a road passes nearby. Larger towns include Port Fornd and Port Adele on the southern coast, Milltown on the eastern side of Lake Celestial, the source of the Celestial River. Other towns include Riverwood on the banks of Spider River and Medoere Pass on the border of Ilien. The province?s one true city is Braeme.
Braeme: The city of Braeme itself is the capital of the realm. It is nestled on the shores of a small lake known as Lake Adele. In turn, a tributary of the Adele River connects both lake and river, allowing keelboats and small ocean-going vessels to reach Braeme.
While not as opulent or commercial as the city of Alamier, Braeme nevertheless has a mood and energy all its own. For one thing, the city operates on a different schedule than the rest of the realm. As the seat of power for the theocracy, Braeme handles all official business at night per a decree from Lady Suris.
Suris Enlien and her court take up residence in the Celestial Palace, a modestly sized edifice on the shores of Lake Adele. Palace was once known as Caer Enlien and served as the seat of power for the Enlien household. While the Enliens? still rule from here, all the accouterments and emblems of Enlien rule have been removed and replaced with symbols honoring Ruornil.
Temple of the Ninth Spell: Built in the hills above Lake Adele, the Temple of the Ninth Spell is a smaller version of the temple in the city of Alamier. Altaweir Enlien, a distant cousin of Lady Suris, oversees the business of the temple, performing some of the most beautiful ceremonies of the faith for his adoring flock. The temple serves as the headquarters of the ninth spell of the priest-superiors. As such, it is a major center for the Celestial Spell?s temporal and spiritual administration.

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