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The LamiaThe Lamia

Female Anuirean Fighter 9; CR:12
Emira of Besa´am
Common Lineage
Minor Bloodline of Azrai, 38 (19)
LE Medium Humanoid (Augmented)

VP/WP 63/12
Init +5 (+1 dex, +4 Improved initiative)
Speed 60 ft. (12 squares)
Languages Anuirean, Basarji

Defense :
AC 24 (+7 natural +1 Dex +2 ring of protection +4 magical armor ), touch 12 , flatfooted 19
Saves: Fort +7 , Ref +4 , Will +10
Special : spell resistance 18 (22 vs polymorphy based spells)
Hit Dice : 9d10+9+10 (regent) (80 hp)

Attacks :
Base Atk +9/+4 ; Grapple +11
Melee Atk +13/+8 (1d8+4 /19-20 x3, +2 longsword of speed) , +11 (1d6+2 /19-20 x2, Hand talon) , +11 (1d4+2/20 x2, x2 frontfoot claws), +11 (1 point wisdom drain /20 x2, touch)
Ranged +12/+7 (1d6+2 /20, Magical +2 Shortbow)

Str 15, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 24 Bld 19
Feats: Ability Focus (Active Charm Gaze), cleave, dodge,Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Initiative, iron will,Power Attack
Administrate +5, Bluff +24 , Diplomacy +17 , Knowledge (history) +5, Listen +7 , move silently +8 , Perform (Danse) +24 , profession (courtesan) +14, Sense Motive +8, spot +6
The Lamia enjoys a special +4 bonus on all charisma-based tests. She also has a +4 bonus on move silently rolls. These bonuses are already counted in the skills above.

Special Attacks:
Charm Gaze, Wisdom drain
Special Qualities:
Bloodform (Great), Charm Aura (Great), Divine Aura (Major), Long Life (Great), Persuasion (Major)

Unique special Attacks description:
Charm gaze (Su) : When met for the first time, all males viewing the Lamia must make a saving throw against a DC 21 (her "passive" gaze attack) or be charmed as per the spell charm monster. If the saving throw is successful the "victim" is horrified by the Lamia's appearance (and can attack her). The Lamia can resort on this power as a free action with a glance on a particular victim ( Her "active" gaze attack DC 27). While charmed the victims have total devotion to the Lamia and will protect her as best they can.
Females are totally immune to her charm gaze (They automatically save).

The DC is charisma-based and include a special bonus of +4 when the Lamia uses it actively.

Wisdom drain (Su) : As a voluntary action the Lamia can drain permanently 1 point of wisdom from a victim with a successful touch attack (without a weapon). If a victim's wisdom drop to 6 or below that person will obey her orders indefinitely, seeing her like the perfect mistress. This is how she keeps her entourage under her control.
(Maybe that power works on women, but the Lamia herself doesn't know, she never bored to try. She kills (or instead makes her guards kill) all women she sees as rivals. Others have no interest.)

About 5' high and 8' long for 530 lbs. The Lamia appears like a strikingly beautiful woman with a lion body. Her left arm and hand are often concealed has they turn more and more in a fur covered human-like leonine's paw.
Many, many closets full of outfits, gifts and treasures collected during her many centuries of reign, from men totally fond of her.
Some magical objects removed from adventurers lured into her domain or crafted for her by magicians crazy about her beauty (and her so potent charm powers).

Typical Dialogue:
"Hmm ? What ? Don't bother me with details. I ordered, now ... just, ... obey."
"I'm insulted you have had to journey this far to hear about my accomplishments. My beauty, my intelligence and my magnificience far exceed my realm's boundaries, no ?"

Keta, known now by the alias "the Lamia", was born more than 500 years ago.
When her parents were killed, she had to live in the streets before joining an ambulant carnival as an exotic dancer.
With them (a group of thieves in fact) she learned many things, including to read, write, fight and use her charms to obtain what she wants. But soon she knew misfortune again, as all of her friends were captured or killed. She fled again but during her wanderings, she crossed a battlefield. Whilst trying to rob a dying man, he attacked her. She defended herself and killed the man ... a mortal tainted by Azrai's blood. So, she began to change physically, becoming a monster, an abomination : "the Lamia".

Arriving in Besaiam she tried to hide, but was arrested by the king's soldiers and they led her to him.
The king wanted to show his prowess by killing an Azrai abomination; but she finally was triumphant and absorbed his regency, thus becoming the regent of the domain.


The Lamia prefers to start and finish combat with volleys of arrows from her slavishly loyal guards. If forced into combat herself, she uses her powerful leonine forepaws to inflict terrible injuries while striking with weapons in her human hand. In the same time she uses all of her enthralling powers (trying to wisdom drain and charm the most dangerous foe) to turn situation to her advantage, confusing her enemies.
While her other blood abilities can affect women in her presence, none are as reliable than her "charm gaze" and females are immune to it. This is why, if some of ther enemies are women, she orders her guards to get rid of them quickly, while she concentrates all of her powers (charm gaze, wisdom drain) on the male enemies to turn them against the females. If by misfortune all adversaries are women, Keta will stay protected by her loyal guards, urging them to kill faster all the "mad bitches". If for a reason or another she is alone against too much powerful women, she will try to flee or beg anything to save her life, bargaining one of her many possession, gold, anything ... (but if she thinks she has a chance she will fight with her "normals" attacks : sword and paws)
Being lawful evil Keta will keep her word ... if the situation isn't in her favor (and no help in the vincinity) or the opposition are really powerful.
In last resort she would try to use one of her other blood abilities (persuasion and maybe wisdom drain if she has the possibility), even on a woman if she has no choice (she has no charisma bonus against women), trying to turn the negociation to her advantage.


Once an itinerant dancer named Keta Pechaya who traveled the Shining Coast of Khinasi, the Lamia revelled in a life of petty theft and drama. An encounter with a minor awnshegh which slew most of her troop resulted in her slaying and usurping the beast, twisting into form of the Lamia shortly afterwards. Later captured by the soldiers of Besa´am, the King ordered her brought before him so that he might win prestige by slaying one of the divinely maimed. The Lamia proved more than his match and has ruled Besa´am since.


The Lamia looks like a leonine centaur, she has the upper torso and head of an attractive, if sultry, woman, but in place of legs she has a lionness body.
She is as vain as beautiful and always wears the finest silks and jewelry. Her left arms has begun to change into a leonine paw, with terrible and sharp hand claws, so she always tries to keep it covered.


Narcissic, vain, and lazy in the extreme, the Lamia fell into rulership, and has never bothered trying to expand her realm, but she enjoys to lure male travellers to her domain and being surrounded by opulence and men. On the other side the Lamia detests the sight of other attractive women as it reminds her, her lost human beauty, often killing them on the spot for some imaginary transgression. A typical awnshegh in many ways, the Lamia's temper is ferocious, although it often passes swiftly.
Keta is more concerned by herself than the kingdom she rules; anyway she very rarely kills locals, a dead citizen can't pay taxes.
And she crushes her population with taxes, her enthralled puppets even resorting to extortion and terrorism on the resentful populace. A real dictator indeed, used to be obeyed on her every fancies .


To be beautiful, to be adored - what else is there? The Lamia is said to have more statues in her honor than she has guards, a dozen gleaming palaces, and riches piled beyond measure in her vaults. Certainly her heavily taxed subjects seem to spend most of their efforts dedicating themselves to the glory that is the Lamia, but whether such mounds of gold exist is doubted by most sages - the Lamia is a poor ruler and a notorious spendthrift.

Recently she, sometimes between two bathes, wonders how she could get rid of Avani's priestess Iocas Narvadae who has become more and more a thorn in her paw as this petty bitch preaches for her destruction. As killing the priestess would only result of the sending of another anoying church woman (because Avani's temple knows she is able to "charm" men but not women), she minds how to solve the problem differently. For now, all tractation attempt were a failure.

The Lamia has a mysterious ally in the Raven, but their real relation and goals are unknown. Some says they are romantically involved, some it is purely interested alliance to attack Cwmb Bheinn and divide the land between them.


Vast legions of charmed male courtiers, lovers and soldiers.

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