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Caerlinien is the principle city in Cariele and the residence of the Count, Entier Gladanil. It traditionally lies within the province of Riverford, though it sits at the intersection of all three provinces, in the dead center of Cariele.
Caerlinien is the largest Anuirean city north of the Stonecrown Mountains and thrives on trade. Built at the founding of Cariele, the city was given the name "Caerlinien" simply meaning mountain fortress in old Andu, and functioned as a holdfast for settlers in those bygone days. Today, goods from every part of Cariele come here to be sold at the large and expansive markets that make the city famous. Roads radiate out from Caerlinien to nearly every other part of Cariele and every day travellers are coming and going.
In the center of the city lies Castle Cariele. Once named after the former ruling family, it now refers to the realm. It is well known that the regent spends much time away from the castle, especially in the summer months, vacationing at one of his many splendorous palaces throughout the realm.
Governance of the city is handled by Michael Greyhelm (MAn, Nbl 4/ Ftr 3; Scion of Vorynn; minor, 8; LE), Lord Mayor of Caerlinien. A minor noble, Lord Michael was raised from lordship over a small fief in Mountainsedge and appointed into his current post by Guilder Mheallie Bireon. Lord Michael rules the city with an iron fist, making sure every passing merchant pays every copper they owe the guild.

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