Land bridge

Scholars of the old world say that the land bridge between the continent of Aduria and the continent of Cerilia was a thin strip of land, much exposed only at the lowest tides that was created by a chain of mountains that stretched between the two continents until the battle of Mount Deismaar. At the end of the battle Mount Deismaar exploded and the ensuing tectonic activity caused the land-bridge to sink, the Straits of Aerele were formed in the collapse.

The sea bed where the land bridge once stood is chaotic, spotted with small islands, with the sea varying from only a few hundred feet deep in parts to miles deep in others, many navigation techniques go astray in the wild waters near the Deismaar crater itself, while the fish of this part of the sea are on occasion freakish in nature.

Scholars theorize that if somehow one could explore the depths of the sea then it might be possible to find the Deismaar crater, and possibly some of the ancient fortifications themselves, for the Andu heavily fortified the land bridge in parts to defend against both the enemy from which they had fled and the other human tribes fleeing Aduria as they had. These scholars argue that the seabed must be thick with sielshegh and mebhaighl stones, and possibly other wonders, unfortunately while The Sea Drake lairs in the Straits only a fool would attempt to discover the truth to these rumors, were they somehow able to do so. Rumours also talk of twisted folk living in the depths of the water, men who served Azrai and were twisted by him to breathe water, with armoured scales and claws to expand his dominion beneath the waves.

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