Rjuvik » Viborg

Viborg (Large Town): Nonstandard; AL CE; 5000 gp limit; Assets 615,000 gp; Population 2646 (human 96%, dwarf 2%, halfling 1%, other 1%).

Authority Figures: Fulgar the Bold (CE male Rjurik rogue 9/ fighter 12), King of Rjuvik; Rannar Olafsson (CE male Rjurik rogue 4) Jarl of Nalhorske; Agnar Hjarrer (N male Rjurik noble 2/ druid 5) Archdruid of Rjuvik.

Important Characters: Thurak Trollborn (NE male hobgoblin fighter 4/ bone warrior 4), Gruskarl (Marshal) of Rjuvik; Dagmar Arngeirsdotter (CE female Rjurik rogue 3/ priestess of Eloéle 6), Starfsmathr (Steward) of Rjuvik.

Viborg, the walled capital city of Rjuvik, is also the official capital of the realm, owing to ancient traditions which Fulgar chose not to ignore on the druids' advice. Fulgar himself rules from his great palace on the coast of Yvarre, far to the south. Several of Fulgar's key officers are bound to be here imposing Fulgar's will on the country. The city is well defended, both as it is the ceremonial capital of the realm, but also as a key defense against the Blood Skull Barony. Viborg is a strange place where hardened warriors grimly wait for the next orog raid, thieves and outlaws walk the streets vying with pirates who call themselves merchants and more-or-less honest tradesmen for a slice of the economic pie. Much work is available for adventurers and mercenaries in Viborg, but the risks are correspondingly high.

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