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Huge Monstrous Humanoid (Awnshegh)
Hit Dice: 11d10 + 66 = 122

Initiative: -1 (-1 dex)

Speed: 40 ft. (base speed 40 ft.)

AC: 8 (-2 size, +10 natural)

Attacks: '' Tusks +

Damage: 3d10 (Tusk)

Face/Reach: 10 ft. by 20 ft./10 ft.

Special Attacks: Charge for double damage, Trample

Special Qualities: Bloodline, Ferocious (fight to -20 HP), Scent

Saves: Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Abilities: Str 30, Dex 8, Con 20, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 7, Bld 16

Skills: Spot +12, Listen +13

Feats: TBA, Blood power enhancement

Climate/Terrain: Thuringode Forest, sometimes surrounding lands.

Organization: Solitary (Unique)

Challenge Rating: TBA

Treasure: None

Alignment: Neutral Evil, Uncaring but bad tempered.


The Boar is far from a subtle opponent, its method of attack is simple, head down, charge and gore. Some opponents will be tossed into the air or trampled, most fallen opponents will be eaten.
Spells: None

Immunities: None

Bloodline: The Boar has a surprisingly powerful bloodline; legacy of battles with several scions who have hunted it. The Boar's bloodline, derived of Azrai, grants it the following blood abilities:

Equipment: The Boar has no equipment, and needs none.

[top]History & Appearance

The Boar is a huge white furred boar, or more accurately sow. The boar is the size of a small house, at least 12 feet tall at the shoulder and by some rumors larger still. Its tusks are the size of small logs, and its squeal of rage can be heard from miles away. The first rumors of the Boar reached Muden perhaps 35 years ago. The tales, like the boar itself, have only grown with the passing years.
The Boar is said to have slain a scion of Azrai and usurped the scion's bloodline. Successive scions of Anuire and Brechtur have since hunted the Boar, with their bloodlines have merely feeding its own.


The Boar was originally an animal. Though it has become awnshegh, it retains the needs of an animal still. The Boar eats, sleeps, and when in heat seeks a mate. It cares nothing for conquest or power. Fiercely territorial the boar is likely to ignore small creatures, but charges anything the size of a large horse or more to drive the invader from its territory.

[top]Allies and Foes

The Boar may not seek allies or enemies, but it has created both nevertheless. Several scavengers can usually be found following the Boar, hoping to feed on anything left in its wake - and happy to finish off anything wounded. Similarly several people have tried to compel the boar in one manner or another, so far none have succeeded for any length of time if at all. Lastly the bandits and goblins of Thuringode, who grow in numbers each season as the wood becomes ever gloomier and avoided more and more by godly folk, while the Boar is unaware of these petty folk, they understand that the Boar is the cause of their sanctuary and will aid it should it seem to require it - and of course should there be plunder to be had from slaying Boar hunters.
The Boar's foes include the Swordhawk, who would surely have slain the beast by now if it did not avoid him - as it does no other. Other foes include the Druids of Thuringode wood, and legions of young Brecht nobles who desire the fame that comes with slaying an awnshegh - and consider the mindless Boar surely an easier foe than more cunning awnsheghlien. The hunter Alfredo Stade haunts the fringes of the wood, some say he seeks to find a way of slaying the great beast, others that he seeks to find the sorceress of the wood to beg forgiveness for his failure to do so.

[top]The Boar's Brood

The Boar is rumored to have given birth to a single brood after becoming an awnsheghlien, or perhaps its young already born absorbed the taint of Azrai from suckling at it, either way several lesser boars roam the forest. None are close to their mother in size, but they, or their offspring, also inhabit the wood. Some scoff at these rumors, the boar is far too large to breed with any other of its kind, and surely the gods could not be so cruel as to visit more than one such brute on the land?

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