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As the nobles and priests began to adopt the teaching of Fitzalan, a unified sense of a people began to grow in what was to become Talinie. This sense of identity started in the temples with the idea of a Northern Imperial Temple, distinct from other rival movements and organizations. The nobles quarreled frequently and sometimes petty wars occured, ocasionally spiralling into great conflagrations across the provinces. The War of Greensward Succession was one such war, in which the various counts fought to place one of three candidates as count of Greensward. Jarod Dannis was one such warlord, and the Count of Ice Haven who emerged as a brilliant commander and talented statesmen.
The war was a succession dispute involving Jarod's wife, Iantha Norvil, the old count's daughter. Iantha's cause was carried forward by her new husband, who proceeded to win several minor successes, upsetting other important nobles. These rivals combined to crush him. In 319 MR, they siezed the town of Scalpay and advaned on Nowelton. Count Jarod met them on an open field and battle was joined. The so-called Battle of Ice Haven was a tremendous success for Count Jarod, and his enemies were defeated. Jarod assembled his defeated rivals and his allies in the small keep near Scalpay. The keep had succumed to siege and was in bad shape, the only furniture that remained being a wooden chair, the rest having been broken up and burned to warm soldiers before and after the siege.
Jarod was cunning enough to know that his rivals were not ready to accept him as a lord, and so agreed to select one who would be lord on the condition that all acknowledge him as such. This agreement seccured, Jarod selected his three year old son, Edrand, and placed him on the wooden chair, the first throne of the new realm of Talinie. To this day the wooden throne of Talinie is called the Oak Seat.
In addition to Edrand, Jarod and Iantha had a younger son, Ramsay Dannis, who was born at the seat of Greensward and was known as Ramsay of Riedhie. Ramsay succeeded his mother as Earl of Greensward, and his decendents still hold this title, including Leith Riedhie and his daughter, Siobhie Riedhie. Jarod and Iantha had two daughters, Athola Dannis and Lachina Dannis.
When Janna many tounged began to come to importance through the circulation of the Aromatic Scriptures, Jarod sought her out for an audience. They fell in love, and he made her his chief concubine.

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