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Medeci was the fortified city built by the Anuireans for administration and defense on the frontier of the Empire, but settled by the Basarji and developed into a proud city. It became the capital of the old Basarji realm of Medec.
So well constructed were the fortifications of the city, that the city did not fall until held the hinterland for several seasons, and rations were running short. The Vos invaders were impressed by the strength of the stronghold and honored the defenders as worthy opponents. Igor Nikailov, the conquering chief, gave easy terms out of respect, demanding only that the defenders lay down their arms and the city leaders swear obedience to him.
The Vos high priest, Vasily Chernevik, rejected the easy terms for the city and imposed his own harsher terms on the conquered. Many of the Medecians fled south to the protection of Igor. Vasily made the fortified city a base to attack back north into Kal Kalathor, tore down the temple to Avani and built the Temple of Might in its place. He then renamed the city, Asiev.

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