The Masetian people were one of the ancient tribes of Aduria that fled the coming of the Shadow. The patron deity of the Masetian was Masela the Swift, also called the Spirit of the Sea. After the Battle of Deismaar Masela's place was taken by Nesirie, her former high priestess.
The Masetian forces at Deismaar suffered more than any other, harassed on their journey to Mount Deismaar by the renegade Masetian admiral now known as The Serpent and the terrible sea-beasts of Azrai (two of which survive today as The Kraken and The Leviathan) barely two-thirds of the Masetian force actually reached the battle. The Masetian sailors were crushed by the forces of the goblins and the Adurian beast-men and Vos led by the Lost at the battle of Mount Deismaar, when the gods died and the forces of Azrai fled the battle field the Masetians paused before leaving, desperate to repair their ships before facing the surviving sea-beasts of Azrai. Although their intentions were good in ignoring the warnings of the dwarves (a people barely known to the sea-loving Masetians) the Masetians doomed themselves - the collapse of the land-bridge and ensuring tsunamis ensured that not one ship of the proud Masetian armada returned from Deismaar.
The Basarji, long competitors of the Masetians for land, swiftly capitalized on the weakness of the Masetians and within a decade only a handful of Masetian realms were not 'protected' by Basarji forces, within another decade the Masetian people were utterly dominated by the Basarji and routinely made slaves. By the time Roele expanded the nascent Anuirean Empire into the lands of the Sun Coast, the Masetian culture was all but destroyed as the Basarji had done their utmost to ensure that only the Basarji culture remained.
Rumors say that some pure-blooded Masetians live on the Isle of the Serpent, or that some fled Cerilia soon after Deismaar when the Basarji began assimilating the surviving Masetians, some rumors even say that a handful of ships survived the battle of Mount Deismaar and fled to continents far away, but few serious scholars believe these wild rumors and the Masetian people are generally agreed to be extinct.

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