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The former realm of Sefra is now the eastern most portion of the Tarvan Waste.
After the death of Michael Roele, Cerilia was again thrown into turmoil. Imperial troops abandoned Khinasi and Brecht forts, and the Vos pressed forward against these lands. In many places, well ordered states survived the withdrawal of Anuirean troops and found local resources to defend against the Vos. Sefra, however, was torn by factional strife. An aristocratic faction and a guild faction struggled for control of Sefra and left the state vulnerable to an unforeseen foe. Vos raiders pushed in all directions, and in the direction of Sefra, they found weakness. In 1590 MA, an army of Vos raiders pushed around Innishiere and caught the Sefrans unprepared. The capital was sacked and pillaged and thousands of men were put to the sword while thousands of women and children were carried back to Vosgaard as slaves. The Vos came again and again over the years and Sefra ceased to be a functioning realm.
framed|Provinces of Sefra

Today, the provinces of Sefra are the eastern part of the Tarvan Waste. Nomads come and go in the ruins of the old Sefran cities.

[top]magical sources

There are a few oasis-es that bubble with magical power within Sefra. Some of these sources are claimed by Barouya.

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