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RP Income:
16 RP (Province 8 RP; Law 8 RP) (Tsarevo Barak Wohlken) / 14 RP (Province 8 RP; Law 6 RP (Lita Torsk) / 27 RP (Province 10 RP; Law 7 RP; Guild 10 RP) (Yousera Brotherhood)

22/8/30 GB (Tsarevo/Lita Torsk/Yousera Brotherhood)
18/6/2 (Tsarevo/Lita Torsk/Yousera Brotherhood)
Varsk riders (Slekazniy Guards) (x3), Scouts (Topek Kzensky) (x2), Elite infantry (Aral's Armor) (x1) - The tsarevo; Khinasi knights (x1), Vos archers (x2) - Lita Torsk; Mercenary infantry (x2), Elite Vos infantry (The Captain's Guard) - Yousera brotherhood


Status: Recommended for players

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land


The rocky shores of eastern Yeninskiy do not invite ships to land there safely, and the high Atka Mountains to the northwest hardly make the trip to the Raven's domain seem worth a struggle. Only the provinces now known as "Torsk Belt" benefit from the land's temperate clime, and many of its inhabitants fear a second invasion by the Iron Hand Tribes.



[top]Flora and Fauna















Allies: The Raiders of Yeninskiy have not made life easy for Merasaf's merchants, but too many of Merasaf's people share lineage with Yeninskiy's peasantry to allow for any kind of war. Cwmb Bheinn has made overtures of friendship toward Yeninskiy's Khinasi population, and may even begin courting the Wohlken clan (as evidenced by the presence of trained varsks in Yeninskiy), but trade and communication around the Raven and the Manticore are difficult.
Enemies: The Raven took several provinces from Yeninskiy once, and recently tried to invade the realm over the Atka Mountains. The Iron Hand Tribes once cut Merasaf in two - it is unlikely that the orogs have given up. If the Yousera Brotherhood continues preying on every neutral realm, it could find itself without a homeland.
Army/Navy: An embattled and besieged realm, Yeninskiy's regents must maintain armies of considerable strength.
Barak Wohlken: 3 units of Slekazniy Guards (varsk riders), 2 units of Topek Kzensky (scouts), 1 unit of Aral's Armor (elite infantry).
Lita Torsk: 1 unit of Khinasi knights, 2 units of Vos archers.
Yousera Brotherhood: 2 units of Mercenary infantry, The Captain's guard (elite Vos infantry). The Yousera Brotherhood also controls three drakkars, one zebec, and two longships. Each is fully equipped with a complement of seaworthy troops (reavers/marines).

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots



  • Vore Lekiniskiy's name directly translates as "Master Fire Worm." Some say that the wizard of the Atka Mountains is merely a man - but a man who mastered the great fire worm awoken by the Raven's invading army.
  • For a captain or other officer of the Yousera Brotherhood, there are only two means of escape: death or disappearance, and the former happens far less than the latter. A recent tale around Vstaive insists that Captain Dimas is looking for a way to disappear from Yeninskiy with his share of the Brotherhood's gold, but the other two captains have made moves to stop him.
  • Neva Wohlken's peacemaking may make her more popular among the people of the Torsk Belt, but there has been grumbling against her "un-Voslike activities" among the Wohlken warriors. Many openly wonder why they stand guard amid the Atka Mountains or in the dangerous Raven's Gap while she travels in relative safety through the Torsk belt. This grumbling could turn into rebellion if Barak Wohlken does not act soon.
  • Some say that Neva Wohlken and Lita Torsk lead a secret nona faction seeking to reform the realm. Barak won't here evil about Neva, however, and spares little of his time thinking about the Torsk provinces.
  • (For the regent only) A player character can assume the role of nearly every regent in the realm. However, if a PC steps into the Yousera Brotherhood, he should be aware that much of his time must be spent at sea. In order to collect "taxes" from their provinces and guild holdings, the captains must sail the seas looking for prey (or - ugh! - legitimate trade). To achieve average taxation and collection rolls, each captain must have all his ships at sea for at least two months in every three. If each captain sails with his ships, the taxation/guild collection rolls are made with a +1 modifier to the die roll. If no captain sails with his ships, these die rolls suffer a -1 penalty. Finally, if the ships do not sail, taxes/collections for the following domain turn will always result in the minimum GB result.
  • (For the regent only) If a player character assumes the leadership of the Wohlken Clan (Barak's regency), he learns that the Raven has lost a high percentage of invasion forces to Vore Lekiniskiy's magics and his flame. A daring attack against Magdagrad, through Raven's Gap (Aral) could succeed, but only if performed almost immediately.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Yeninskiy
Aral (3/2)BW (3)TCV (2)YB (0)-
--NW (3)-
Btumi (3/2)LT (2)SH (1)YB (1)-
Dzhl (3/2)BW (3)TCV (3)NW (3)-
Hilov (4/3)YB (3)-YB (3)-
Rig (1/8)--YB (0)VL (6)
Stnerba (2/5)--YB (0)VL (5)
Svesmail (3/2)LT (3)SH (3)NW (2)-
Topek (2/7)BW (2)-YB (0)VL (6)
Urysk (2/3)LT (1)SH (1)NW (1)-
Vychek (3/4)YB (2)-YB (3)-
Vyslav (3/4)YB (2)-YB (3)-
Abbreviations: BW = Barak Wohlken (Yeninskiy); LT = Lita Torsk (Torsketly); YB = Yousera Brotherhood; NW = Neva Wohlken (Tikhov Suppliers); TCV = One True Church of Vosgaard (Suvek the White); SH = Sword of Hala´a (Corazon Vladimirovich); VL = Vore Lekiniskiy (Dragon of Vstaive Peak).
  • Law: Three regents control most of the law in nine of Yeninskiy's 11 provinces. One, the Tsarevo Barak Wohlken, represents his clan in traditional Vos fashion. Lita Torsk learned her governing style from her father, a Merasaf noble, though her "republic" still has strong Vos undertones. A band of raiders and pirates calling itself the Yousera Brotherhood considers itself the law in three of the largest and most prosperous Yeninskiy provinces, though a more dangerous band of mercenary cutthroats and killers can hardly be found outside the Krakennauricht.
  • Temples: Once, Merasaf's Basarji religions dominated this region, but the influence of Vosgaard has prompted a change. The One True Church of Vosgaard even made inroads into the Raven's domain before the awnshegh killed its first regent. The Sword of Hala´a, a sister sect of Merasaf's Shield of Hala´a, still serves the Khinasi of the southern-middle provinces.
  • Guilds: The Yousera Brotherhood controls most guild activity along the coast. They "trade" with anyone, preying on the merchants of Merasaf and dealing with the Iron Hand or the Raven at a moment's notice. Inland, Neva Wohlken has tried to bridge clannish and cultural gaps by running a small food and ore guild.
  • Sources: The only wizard of Yeninskiy appears to be another of Cerilia's ancient, rare dragons. Recently woken from his centuries-long slumber, the dragon known as Vore Lekiniskiy (also known as the Dragon of Vstaive Peak) has not yet taken an active talon in local matters.
  • Provinces: The Wohlken clan rules the southwestern provinces of the realm - they are sworn enemies of the Raven. Aral, or "Raven's Gap", is their home province; Topek and Dzhl guard their flanks. Btumi, Svesmail, and Urysk bisect the realm and are ruled by Torsk "Clan". Vos in name only, their leader tries to enforce her laws as she believes Khinasi noble would. The Yousera Brotherhood controls three coastal provinces of Hilov, Vychek, and Vyslav, much to theis people's lament. Still, they are probably better than in the wild, unruled provinces of Stnerba and Rig.

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