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(1565 Ma, 1050 HC, 77 MR) The Hag appears in Kordan.
the Hag, a noble of Grabentod who schemed her way to power and then kidnapped and murdered her nephew when scorned by those she would rule.
But Old Grabentod did not enjoy its independence for long. Intrigue and conspiracy seemed to breed in the mountains of the north, and the royal family produced a woman who eventually became one of the most fearsome of the northern awnsheghlien, the Hag. The Hag proved to be the ruin of the old Grabentod; within the few generations of her evils, the realm was sundered. While she only directly controls the provience of Kordan, effectifively having a one provience domain, she control many of the sources in Grabentod's Cooling Bay
Kordan (2/5) - Law: The Hag ()
Cooling Bay (4/4) - Sources: The Hag (3)

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