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The Manticore was once known as Qandar the Righteous, a paladin of Avani with some relation to the ruling family of Djafra. Soon after the Magian began his conquest of the Esenshal Peninsula, Qandar set out with many other heroes to stop this interloper. Over a year passed and no one received any news of the expedition. Most thought the heroes were dead, and for the most part they were right. Of the thirty who set out only seven returned as broken men. Nine of the thirty heroes had blooded abilities and of these only Qandar escaped after a year of captivity.

Qandar and the other eight captives were held for months in a dungeon while the Magian studied them in an attempt to understand his own new blooded abilities. Qandar was the only survivor when the Magian perfected his new spell, Bloodline Corruption. In a three day long ceremony the Magian added the taint of Azrai's blood to Qandar; while Qandar kept his old blood abilities he gained the bloodform ability among others.

He traveled far to the north, avoiding Djafra and the lands he called home and thus came upon the kingdom he currently resides in. He was a friend of the crown prince of the realm and, in an audience with the royal family he told of his strange tortures, the bizzare magical ceremony and how since then his temper had turned dark and he could no longer call upon his abilities as a Paladin. The Royal family agreed to take him in.

Y'urre, a cousin to the royals, eavesdropped on the audience hoping to overhear something he could use as blackmail. Instead he discovered Qandar's loss of faith, his corruption by the Magian, and his profound hope that he could keep his Azrai tainted blood under control.

Y'urre worked over the next few months to build a bond of trust between himself and Qandar. Then, when he was sure of his hold on the former Paladin, he let his secrets slip to the gossips of the court and blamed the prince for the indiscretion. Qandar, enraged at being exposed and betrayed, slaughtered the royal family. Absorbing their bloodlines he grew a tail and his finger bones extended through the skin of his hands forming claws. Thus Qandar began his status as the Manticore.

Adapted from "Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia"





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