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The Khinasi realm of Medec has been over run by the Vos and for three centuries has been known as Kozlovnyy. Founded during the Anuirean Empire, it was settled by Khinasi and ruled from the city of Medeci

Before the coming of Roele, the Vos dwelled on the great plateau between Coullabhie and Tuar Annwn. Almost before he had finished his conquest of the Basarji, Roele moved north, driving the Vos across the Tsongya River. The conquered lands were then colonized by the Brecht and Khinasi with Anuirean support. The realms of Uptlund, Horstmarch, and Medec were all colonized in lands formerly ruled by the Vos. Since the fall of the Empire, the Vos have reclaimed all but Uptland. Now Molochev and Kozlovnyy stand where the old colonies once did.

Circa 566 MA, the Anuireans pushed the Vos out of the Zha´nge River valley as far as the Tsongya River, which lasted for a thousand years as the border of Vosgaard. Under the protection of the Imperial Legions and with Anuirean support, Khinasi moved north along the river, establishing trade links with the Brecht moving south from MŘden. A city was founded at Medeci in 635 MA, a generation after the city of Nurida was founded. The Anuireans always favored settlement and expansion, both as a way to break old Khinasi bonds and to establish new bases of settlement from which the Imperial Legions could draw food, material, and recruits. For six hundred years, Medec grew slowly as more and more settlers came to settle free land. Most settlers were Khinasi, but Anuirean veterans were given land here too.

The Anuireans looked not only to the Vos, across the Tsongya River, but also to the elves in Innishiere and Cwmb Bheinn. Medec separated the elves and pushed slowly into the forests, clearing land for farms and settlements. The Brecht pushed south while the Khinasi pushed north, and all the while the elves retreated.
Medec saw a flourishing of learning and scholarship, resulting in new doctrines of the Medecian Way. The new Temple of Avani was a leading light of interpretation, especially in the 10th century MA.

In 1270's the Khinasi embraced rebellion against Anuire under the leadership of Rashid doune Arrasi. By the end of the decade, the Basarji Federation was born and the Basarji Revolution began. For twenty years, war raged throughout the cities of the sun, and Medec faced its dangers alone. Medec began to look to the east at strong places on the other side of the Ad Cravan Mountains. Medec began to fortify more places and prepare to defend itself without the Imperial Legions.

After the Battle of Kfeira, in 1299 MA, El-Arrasi and the Anuirean Emperor, Caercuillen Roele, became allies and Anuirean troops returned to the frontier as allies. These defenders were never as strong as they had been during the Imperial era, and over time the Anuirean forces declined in numbers. Over the next century and a half, the forests to the east were colonized further. The lands of Besa´am were colonized and settled by Medec until, in 1470 MA, Besa´am was created as an independent realm. Medec took considerable effort building fortifications like Cravengate and Touggourt and ensuring the new settlements were secure.

Only 18 years later, the Emperor, Michael Roele died facing the Gorgon and outside aide dried up instantly. The Empire fell into civil war, the Vos overran the lightly populated Brecht realm of Horstmarch, and Medec suddenly turned her attentions north to the Vos threat so long held at bay across the Tsongya River. Suddenly, the newly proclaimed realm of Molochev and Kal Kalathor seemed much more dangerous than the recently defeated elves.

Then, in 1526 MA an awnshegh calling herself the Lamia appeared in the lands to the east, and Besa´am, established as a buffer colony, was lost to Medec. The Vos pressure grew more insistent, and the forces of Medec struggled to restrain them. Behind the Vos, goblins began to occupy the lands of Kal Kalathor, pushing the Vos south and west. Not quite two hundred years later, in 1711 MA, the capital city of Medec, Medeci, fell to Vos invaders, and many Khinasi fled to Besa´am, preferring subjugation to the Lamia than to the Vos invaders.

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