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Arms of ElevesnemiereArms of Elevesnemiere

Rich black soil and plentiful rains make Elevesnemiere one of the most favored provinces for farming. Rolling hills in the north melt into seas of grain in the middle and southern area of the province, while light breezes carry the sweet scent of clover to those working the fields. Were it not for the periodic ravages of the Elf, residents might consider Elevesnemiere a veritable paradise.
The most famous products of Elevesnemiere are barley and wheat, from which residents brew some of the finest beer in Cerilia. In the northern regions grow three distinct and favored varieties of hops, and the brewers of Elevesnemiere cultivate special strains of yeast tor their "white beers" (made with wheat) and lagers. Most other domains produce only ale and surrender their beer to wild yeasts and good luck, so Elevesnemiere has a distinct advantage in this industry.
Benton and Eame are prosperous agricultural towns of several hundred residents. The latter is famed for its brewery - the only establishment of its sort in the Heartlands. (All other brewing is done in alehouses or private homes). The one dangerous task in Eame is carrying spring water from edge of the Seamists, where Rhuobhe's gheallie Sidhe has been known to overtake the unwary. Water boys save this chore for midday when some of the mists have burned off and visibility is greatest.
Bramm, Count of Elevesnemiere, is content to rule his province so long as Tuornen's regent provides defensive reinforcements against the Elf and the perpetuation of his creature comforts. A great lover of his brewers' yield, Bramm hosts grand feasts and beer festivals. He makes gifts of Elevesnemiere lager to local authorities in Tuornen's other provinces, ingratiating himself to all (especially Willam Redstaff). Bramm is undistinguished in almost all respects but hospitality.

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