This is an expansion of the description of Raizhadik given in the BRCS.

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Wyrm Cerilian dragon; CR 24.

Raizhadik is the greatest of the Gorgon's minions, not much short of its master in power. The Gorgon long ago subdued Raizhadik in a ferocious battle for control of the Gorgon's Crown. After the battle, the Gorgon chose to spare the dragon and it has served him faithfully since then, more out of fear of its master's power than anything else. It bides its time, hoping to one day outgrow its master in power, and seize lordship of Kal-Saitharak for itself once more.

Currently, Raizhadik is chained with great chains of iron that only the Gorgon himself may break, in the vast caves beneath the fortress of Kal-Saitharak. The Gorgon will only release Raizhadik to serve as a shock weapon with his armies for the Gorgon fears both the dragon's escape and the damage Raizhadik might cause in his desire for vengeance.

The Gorgon tries to keep his dominion of this dragon a secret, though it is the only one of his accomplishments that he hides. Perhaps even the Gorgon does not wish to rouse the anger of the other dragons of Cerilia - he fought a female dragon shortly after he subdued Raizhadik and though successful in driving her off had rarely felt so vulnerable since his transformation began. If several of the great wyrms chose to free their brother, the Gorgon might well not be able to stop them. Why then keep so dangerous a captive? Hubris perhaps, no other being would dare keep a dragon as their plaything, or possibly as some final vengeance in the event that somehow the Gorgon was slain.

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