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Hjalsone is the ancestral name of Dhoesone, the Rjuven realm absorbed by the Anuirean empire long ago. Hjalsone was the original Rjurik name by most accounts, although a few refusnik scholars disagree citing the name as Anuirean in nature (it lacking hard consonants and ending in the 'one' suffix commonly found in Anuirean realms). These scholars argue that Hjalsone was simply the name given to the lands by the first Anuirean governors of the newly captured province of the nascent empire. Some of these scholars cite the name 'Ustvik' as the ancient Rjurik name, but many believe this to simply be an old corruption of 'east land' (ost-vik in Rjuven) or the province now named Ustkjuvil.
Whatever the truth of the matter, Hjalsone has achieved mythic status amongst some of the Rjurik as 'the land that was lost', even today, over a millennia after Hjalsone vanished and all records refer to the land as Dhoesone several groups including the Sons of Hjalsone, the Hjalsoneim, the dreamers of Hjal, and so on struggle to restore Dhoesone to Rjurik ways. While most of these groups are tiny or riven by infighting the Sons of Hjalsone have from time to time achieved significance.

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