With only its most northwesterly tip appearing on maps of Cerilia, the distant continent of Djapar is said to be the ancestral home of the Basarji people.

The Basarji were said to be nomads before they came to Cerilia - indeed, until after the battle of Deismaar when they took control of the Masetian cities along the southern coast, the Basarji roamed the plains of western Cerilia with few permanent habitations. As such many sages of Cerilia believe that the Djapari will still be primarily horse nomads and lack great cities. This is disputed by some of the Khinasi who claim that captains that sail the great southern seas speak of cities of white stone and significant civilisation.

Realms in Djapar are said to include:

The hillsfolk of southern Djapar are said to be of completely different stock to the Basarji. Tough and independent, they scorn the goddess of the Djapari and worship the world itself.

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