Daen Roesone

Daen Roseone, the founder of the realm of Roesone, was born is 437 MR. His father was a cut-throat who controlled a portion of the province of Caercas with his band of brigands and renegades.
His early life was mostly unknown but in 454 MR it's recorded he left Diemed to join a mercenary band and travelled throughout Anuire, selling his sword to anyone for the following 20 years.
He returned to Caercas leading a vast group of seasoned mercenaries. None of the petty lords of the area had any troops that could stand to his army and in the following months Daen Roesone pacified the province and brought it under his control.
At the beginning he just wanted to seize Caercas but, realising how easy it was to conquer it, within four years he controlled all the area that now is Roesone.
In 474 MR Daen petitioned Vandiel Diem for a title, seeking recognition as a count. The refusal of the Duke of Diemed erupted in a full war, between Roesone's lands and Diemed allied to Aerenwe. Roesone won the war in 477 MR and declared himself an independent ruler, the Baron of Roesone, adding to his realm also the province of Bellam, taken from Aerenwe.
The Black Baron, as he was known informally, reigned until 516 MR when he was fatally poisoned by his second son Ivil Roesone.

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