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The awnsheghlien ruler of Massenmarch in Brechtur is a towering figure known to those outside his court only as a towering figure in fullplate armour - it is said that no one has seen the Swordhawk's face in decades.



The Swordhawk started as a royal assassin for the last king of Massenmarch. He was used to eliminate rebellious nobles and political enemies.
At least one of his victims had a bloodline of Azrai and he was cursed by the foul divine blood and began the transformation in an awnshegh.


The Swordhawk is reputed to be eight feet tall, and is never seen outside of his dusky platemail. Rumors abound that his face has become avian and that his beaked visor is not mere fancy, but necessary to protect a hawk's beak. Some even claim that the Swordhawk's armor is in fact his own flesh, warped into cold steel by the curse of Azrai. The few in his court who may have seen him unarmored say nothing, and so the rumors persist and grow.


The Swordhawk is ruthless, pragmatic, and driven. He has repeatedly clashed with his neighbors in Kiergaard, the Vampire's Hold, and his forces have battled the fleets of Muden and the Zweilunds in the Great Bay. To his people the Swordhawk is said to be distant, pitiless, but not overly cruel - Massenmarch's people may be heavily taxed and rigidly controlled, but the Swordhawk has no interest in random terror, the vast majority of his people will never drawn his notice, and both he and they prefer it that way.


The Swordhawk is presumed to want to rule a sizable empire, with only bad luck and powerful enemies stopping him. Certainly as an acknowledged master tactician and awnshegh few expect him to be content with what he has. The Swordhawk speaks to none however, famously shunning the sages that sought to create the ultimate summary of knowledge on the awnsheghlien with the result that he was relegated to little more than a footnote in their annals - less even than the fabled Boar of Thuringode which has mindlessly rampaged across his land on several occasions. Some however argue for different motives - to return to humanity some say, to found a dynasty others.


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