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The Dusk Man was an awnsheghlien who served the Gorgon at the battle of Mount Deismaar and like so many others left the battlefield blessed with the power of the gods - in his case that of Azrai. After the defeat of Raesene's forces at Deismaar, the Dusk Man left Raesene's service and wandered, seeking a place he could create his own kingdom. He found such a place in 253 HC in the hills of southern Halskapa. Gathering a sizable number of gnoll, goblin, and human minions the Dusk Man carved a realm from the southern-most provinces of Halskapa despite the best efforts of the Kings of Halskapa to stop him, indeed the Duskman slew several of those kings growing stronger all the time though he never came close to matching his one-time master in power.

The Dusk Man's seemingly eternal rule of terror ended in 1,497 HC when the singer Jerusha Fjoldan, now better known as the Siren slew him as he raided one of the farmsteads that dotted his domain.

The Dusk Man was said to be able to summon darkness to do his bidding, see in absolute gloom, travel from shadow to shadow in a heartbeat and strike terror into opponents with his gaze.

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