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A nomad is a person who does not live their life centered around a single location. Nomads travel as they live, either through necessity or more rarely through choice. Nomadic people are common in Cerilia only in the Rjurik Highlands, Vosgaard, and to a lesser extent some of the lands of the Khinasi.
The nomadic life is typical where the soil cannot support sufficient crops to feed the population, and the population must therefore continually move to new lands to harvest foodstuffs and hunt game.
The constant movement makes the nomadic life harsh, the birthrate of nomadic peoples tends to be only half the rate of people in more settled lands. The need to move on before foodstuffs are exhausted means that slow - particularly the crippled and elderly - face the choice of slowing down the clan or being left behind (in Vosgaard this choice is often made for them). As a result of the hardship inherent in their life nomads tend to be grimly pragmatic people.
Settled folk are often suspicious of nomads as the two have very different cultures. Settled people own land - indeed property ownership is typically central to their community. Nomads by contrast tend to believe that the land cannot be owned - or is owned by everyone. Nomads frequently consider settled people soft, settled people are infuriated by nomads habits of scavenging 'abandoned' property and hunting game that they find - more than one farmer has turned to murder on seeing a prize bull felled by a nomad hunter intent on feeding their clan.

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