The old gods of Cerilia were:
They were all killed at the catastrophic battle at Mount Deismaar, which led to the rise of the new gods and the formation of the first bloodlines.

Some say that the Old Gods are still worshipped in Djapar]and Aduria, though other scholars scoff at such talk, saying that without the gift of miracles from the gods to prove piety, none would follow such a hollow faith. When presented with proof that continued worship in the old gods can grant cleric] powers, these scholars argue that this is merely the new gods tending to these unenlightened folk as an example of their munificence.

Rumors of Azrai worshipers are still heard across Cerilia and especially Aduria as some of the older awnsheghlien followed the Shadow and may yet demand likewise of their followers. However, the worship of Azrai is generally non-existent. The majority of the cults that seemed omnipresent after Deismaar were annihilated long ago (some say that the only agreement ever reached between Haelyn and Belinik was that followers of Azrai must be destroyed without mercy). Every so often however a small cult is found in Cerilia and the result is inevitably bloody. How these cults continue to appear is a mystery, though they seem, to the concern of many, to have grown in number in the past few centuries in the wake of shadowed winters and growing chaos ...

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