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Battle of KfeiraBattle of Kfeira

The Battle of Kfeira is a decisive battle that took place between the forces of the Basarji Federation under the command of Rashid doune Arrasi and those of the Anuirean Empire under the command of Alándalae Roele during the Basarji Revolution.
In 1299 MA, Anuirean unity restored, Emperor Alándalae mustered a great effort to destroy Ariya and break the back of the Basarji resistance. While the Emperor personally guided a mighty army overland, his nephew and heir, Caercuillen Roele, commanded the Anuirean fleet and engaged El-Arrasi in the Baïr el-Mehare.
In Talienire 1299, El-Arrasi set sail from Ariya with a force of 10 galleys and 4 other types of ships, and in Haelynir 1499 met with the huge Basarji fleet which was sent to him by Basarji Federation and took over its command in order to wage a large scale war against the Anuirean Empire. The Basarji fleet consisted of 67 galleys, 20 galliots and about 200 smaller vessels.

[top]Battle of Kfeira

After reaching Jaza ir Binaseb in the western Baïr el-Mehare with the large Basarji fleet in Anarire 1499, El-Arrasi defeated the Anuirean fleet of 47 galleys, 17 galliots and about 100 smaller vessels under the command of Caercuillen Roele. During the most critical stage of the battle, two Anuirean carracks, captained by Andrea Loredan (a member of the influential Loredan family of Osoerde) boarded one of the command ships of the Basarji fleet. The commander of the vessel, Burak el-Hasan, was unable to disentangle his ship from the boarders and chose to set her aflame. The sight of the three great ships burning together dealt a severe blow to the Anuirean morale.
Outnumbered and suffering a loss of morale, the Anuirean fleet began to lose its order and fell into chaos. During the ship to ship melee that followed Caercuillen Roele's command ship was boarded and the Emperor's nephew was captured.

[top]Battle of Asarwe

Having defeated the fleet, El-Arrasi landed and his men advanced towards the two armies outside of Asarwe. El-Arrasi sent word to the commander of the Basarji army, Abu el-Qasim, and told him he was a day away and advancing swiftly. Abu al-Qasim gave battle with Emperor Alándalae, which went poorly for the Basarji, though they held their positions. The battle turned when El-Arrasi arrived with his mariners and marines and advanced from the left and rear of the Anuirean army. His objective was a house and stables outside of town, which El-Arrasi intended to use as a springboard into the rear of the Anuirean positions. From there not only would he be able to attack the Anuireans, but threaten to cut off their road of retreat back to Dhafrane. Alándalae was forced to deploy his whole reserve and part of his right wing to respond to the new forces on the battlefield. Surrounded and in danger of loosing their route of retreat, the Anuireans were in trouble. The knights of the Anuireans proved a powerful force and the Khinasi had little to match it. Only the Order of the Sun had such heavy cavalry. They were sent to attack the center of Alándalae's force, where the Emperor was directing his troops. The heavy horse of the Order was joined by many light horseman. The attack was repulsed and the Order of the Sun destroyed in this single charge, but El-Arrasi and his guard were able to follow up the charge during which a lucky blow ended the life of the Emperor.
El-Arrasi had won two battles by good fortune and desired not to press his luck. Instead, he adopted the position of the magnanimous victor, and sought peace and friendship between Anuire and the Basarji. He knew that Anuire, a military giant, no longer distracted as they had been, would win the war if it continued. So he offered peace to Caercuillen Roele and alliance to replace Anuire's domination of the Basarji. Caercuillen was so impressed by El-Arrasi's courage and wisdom, that he agreed to withdraw his troops from the Saere Siendere and to help defend the frontier and to retain a leadership role in inter-realm relations.

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