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The leviathan is ancient, and dates back to at least the battle of Mount Deismaar, most sages agree that the huge beast was created during the War of the Shadow by Azrai to wage war upon the Masetian people. The leviathan does not appear to be intelligent, but is frequently credited with malevolence for it seems to actively, if randomly, destroy shipping.


The Leviathan is a huge whale, scarred from long ago battles it is probably the largest living being on all Aebrynis. The sight of its flukes smashing against the water is cause for any rational captain to turn their ship hard about and lay all sail to vacate the area.


The Leviathan goes through decade long slumbers followed by a few years of activity. When active the leviathan seems to prey mainly on fishing boats, although it seems to actively seek out trading vessels and even warships - perhaps in some instinctive response to its ancient commands from its creator. Every now and then the leviathan goes on a rampage, swimming along the coast destroying every vessel it finds and generally bringing trade to a crashing halt in the area, only a protective ritual known as the Tear of Nesirie calms the beast during these times causing it to shun the warded vessel, and temples of the sea-mother are generally inundated with pleas for ships to be so blessed during these dangerous times.



The Leviathan is credited with any number of offspring, but appears to have no actual minions - though it is said to be tailed by sharks and scavengers who know that when the great beast rises to feed, there will be plenty for all...

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