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Torien's Watch is a heavily forested province that acts as Mhoried's gateway to the north - all trade that wishes to travel to Cariele, Dhoesone or the Rjurik lands must pass through Torien's Watch. The foresters of Torien's Watch are charged with ensuring that Mhoried will always have wood for its bows, and are notoriously harsh to those who fell wood, or hunt in the land without licence. Disputes with merchants from Cariele are legendary, but the guilds of Cariele are anxious not to offend the Mhor and so the conflicts rarely grow too serious. The hills of Torien's Watch are rumored to hold great mineral wealth, but the Mhor has never approved substantive explorations. Some say that an ancient oath sworn to seal peace with the sidhelien explains this reticence, but none know the truth of the matter save the Mhor, and they will not speak of it.

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