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This page lists the various NPCs in Dhoesone. Any titles or positions listed are their offical titles/positions - their actual details may be different. For further explanations, see the individual pages for each NPC.

[top]The Baroness

Fhiele Dhoesone, Baroness of Dhoesone.

Rhuimach Taeline, Captain General of Dhoesone, Lord of Taeline.

Helaene Dosiere, Chancellor of Dhoesone.

Parniel Dhoesone, Brother to Fhiele Dhoesone, heir to the throne.

Stiele Caelan, Captain of the Guards.

[top]The wizards

Clumine Dhoesone, Countess of Romiene.

Erin Romiene, apprentice to Countess Clumine Dhoesone, daughter to count Gaelin Riven.

Norvien Roaman, Chamberlain to Countess Clumine Dhoesone.

Daeric Dhoesone, Count of Soniele.

Otto Von Daubreisch, bodyguard to Count Daeric Dhoesone.

Freila Wildersdottar, Hedge Mage.

[top]The priests

Larra Nielems, High Priestess of the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie.

Shannen of Sera, Aide to Her Grace, Larra Neilems of Sera.

Blaede the Wanderer, Peripatetic priest in northern Dhoesone

Günther Brandt, Archdruid of the Oaken Grove of Erik.

Euric Aelis, former Arch-druid of The Oaken Grove in Cariele.

Thor Olafsson, Druid of the Emerald Spiral.

James Ardannt, Haelyn's Bastion of Truth.

Simon of Haelyn, Inquisitor in the service of Haleyn's Bastion of Truth.

Lirr O' the Well, Priestess of Ruornil.

Lauriel Riven, Priestess of Nesirie, Maiden Aunt to Count Riven.

[top]The guilds

Mheallie Bireon, retired Guildsmistress of the Northlands Exchange.

Gareth Cayne, Guildsmaster of the Northlands Exchange.

Amrie the Red, Aide to Mheallie Bireon.

Ugron Stoneface, Debt collector and money lender for the Northlands Exchange.

Storm Holtson, Guildmaster of the Stjordvik Traders.

Óski Osricsson, Guildsdeputy for the Stjordvik Traders.

Ruinil Gaskard, Aide to Storm Holtsen.

Deinio Cooper, Aide to Storm Holtsen.

Adaere Doneim, guildmaster of Northern Imports and Exports.

Gaelin Thuried, Guildmaster of the Upper Anuire Traders.

Ivinie Thuried, Cousin and aide to Gaelin Thuried.

Bannier Andien, Guildmaster of Andien and Sons.

[top]The nobles

Thjobald Bjondrig, Count of Bjondrig.

Freya Bjondrig, Daughter to Count Bjondrig.

Saehild Dagmaersdotter, Dowager Countess of Bjondrig.

Vertico Dhariel, Count of Dhariel.

Lilias Dhariel, wife to Count Dhariel, daughter to the Mhor of Mhoried.

Ingrid Redwolf, Countess of Giant's Fastness.

Dane Ceolfrithsson, heir to Ingrid Redwolf, legendary hero.

Linna Ceolfrithsson, wife to Dane Ceolfrithsson, sister to Count Nolien.

Rogr Dhariel, Count of Hidaele, cousin to Count Dhariel.

Aedric Nolien, Count of Nolien.

Darnae Nolien, Daughter of Count Nolien.

Ruormad Nolien, Son of Count Nolien.

Gaelen Riven, Count of Riveside.

Briende Riven, Wife to Count Riven, cousin to Count Holst.

Alara Riven, Daughter to Count Riven.

Colier Riven, Son to Count Riven.

Marcus Holst, Count of Ruidewash

Eldried Holst, Brother to Count Holst

Alaric Huire, Count of Sidhuire

Bhaeli Dhoesone, wife to Count Huire, Aunt to Baroness Dhoesone

Oerwinde Huire, daughter to Count Huire

Rogr Gaskard, Count of Tradebhein

[top]The generals

Several realms have sent troops to aid Dhoesone, either directly, or via sponsorship by the Temples of Haelyn. The human generals raised the bulk of their troops locally building military units around a core of veterans from their home realm.
Viscount Randall Afrindunn, general sent by Avanil.

Manchamps Bhrien, aide to Viscount Randall Afrindunn.

Pierden Brodig, general sent by Boeruine.

Lord Malcolm Nabhriene, general sent by Tuornen.

Devlyn Tuarlachiem, general sent by Tuarhievel.

Ardenna Tuarlachiem, elven commander.

Niobhe Llyrandor, elven commander.

Grofnab Ironfang, general sent from Thurazor.

[top]The nomads

The Sons of Hjalsone.

Father Pais, Spiritual leader of the Sons of Hjalsone.

Grey Ulfjor, Right fist of Father Pais.

Riff Wind-talker, Hunter for the Sons of Hjalsone.

Fyrgrynn Clan.

Gunnar 'the Mountain' Fyrgrynn, chieftain of the Fyrgrynn.

[top]The elves

Tirrin Hawkwind, leader of the Gheallie Sidhe in Dhoesone.

Kendrik the rake, bon vivant and wastrel bard.

[top]The goblins

The Red Fist Clan

The Stone God, avatar of evil.

Hrukk Stonebound, shaman for the Red Fist clan.

Hatokk the Blessed, tribal champion of the Red Fist goblins.

[top]The giants

Rauck Stonelord, possessed giant overlord of Harper's Point.

Grokk Maneater, brother to Rauck Stonelord, slavemaster of Harper's Point.

Grun the Stone, ancient giant who lives in Grun's Dell.


Sir Nourn the Brave, independent Knight and madman.

Stiele Fell, captain of the mercenary company Fell's Brigade.

Marcus Hollowman, Bounty Hunter.

Jemima the Dreamer, Fey child.

Kyriel the Harpist, blooded commoner.

Stephan the tinker, horse tradesman and traveling tinker.

Davin the Carver, wood carver affiliated with the Upper Anuire Traders.

Donar the Challenger, impecunious noble and jousting night.

Karlyn the Grim, sawyer and lumberjack.

The White Stag, questing beast sacred to Erik.

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