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Male Anuirean Noble 1/ Fighter 1; CR: 2

(Deceased?) son of the Count of Riveside


Colier was the son of Gaelen Riven, count of Riveside. A happy outgoing lad Colier was squire to Sir Dietric Holdenheyrd of Haelyn and was lost in battle against giants at Harper's Point. Colier's fate is not known for certain as he was separated from Sir Dietric during the fray and none of the (few) survivors saw him fall. Several people have sought Colier to learn his fate as it would win the favor of his family and possibly Haelyn's Bastion of Truth which would dearly like to mend its fences with Colier's father.

DM Secret:
Colier was captured by the giant Rauck Stonelord and enslaved. He survives in the giant stronghold of Harper's Point and having recovered from his wounds plots his escape. Noble both in spirit and lineage, he refuses to try and escape on his own - he has a duty to the people and will only leave when he can lead them all to freedom.

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