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Male Anuirean Expert 3,scion 1; CR: x

Lineage of commoners

Minor bloodline of Reynir, 24.

CG Medium humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean, Rjurik

AC ,

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft

Melee Atk


Base Atk

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha.



'''Special Qualities:

Description: A somewhat grubby looking man of wiry build and subservient if witty demeanor.

Possessions: None particular beyond a wandering scribe for re-branding horses.
Typical Dialogue:
?Well you see milord its like this, I was wandering along peaceable like when I found this magnificent fellow here lost and in distress, how could any man as respects great Aeric pass by without granting him aid??

?Hah! I can ride any horse, never born was the horse that would shy Stephan! But I tell you truthfully that brute scares me??


Stephen has traveled all Dhoesone and beyond, often with indecent haste. While most tinkers wander a familiar path from village to village he rarely visits the same one twice. The reason is simple; since he was a young lad Stephan has had a habit of ? liberating ? horses.
A skilled horse thief Stephan has never been caught ? or at least never caught when he couldn?t talk or otherwise wriggle his way out of punishment. Stephan has a gift for horses due to his blood affinity with them and takes pride in stealing horses that are mistreated, or simply ?too good? for their owner.
Despite his larcenous tendencies towards horses Stephen is fundamentally an honest soul and with a little firm guidance could probably make much of himself.


While Stephan has from time to time been followed by various sheriffs, bounty hunters, outraged horse-owners and such-like he has no followers as such.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]A dangerous habit

Stephan recently came across a magnificent stallion, shod and saddled, standing alone in the forests. He calmed the exhausted beast and tended to its injuries and exhaustion, and after a perfunctory search (for appearances sake and so that he could say he had done so truthfully) headed away from local villages to find a big town where he could get a proper price for the beast without risking being challenged by an enraged owner.
Two options for the great stallion:
Fey steed. Swifter and more intelligent than any normal horse the stallion can run even over water! Its tacking, bedecked with tiny bells is extraordinarily beautiful and its saddlebags carry a number of rare herbs and strange talismans. The steed is hunted by several Shadow Hounds and a fell huntsman, the friends of the horse?s Sie rider would also like to know what happened to their friend.
Black Brute. This mighty warhorse stands several hands higher than any other horse in the realm. Immensely strong it fears nothing and seems immune to mortal fire! The Brute is swift and seems never to tire ? but even Stephan who has ridden since a toddler dares not mount the brute and dare its anger. The brute?s saddlebags have terrified Stephan since he opened the first. They hold a number of silken bags each of which holds a still beating heart! Other goods included a book written on human skin inscribed with ink of blood and iron in the ancient Andu tongue and a holy symbol of Azrai.
The steed is hunted by cultists of Azrai who wish to recover their hearts, surrendered to a priest of Azrai in exchange for fell power, before the hearts are given to one who would mean them ill. Other hunters include Sir Tobin, a holy warrior of Cuiraécen who originally struck down the priest who claimed the brute as their mount and now seeks to complete his self appointed mission to rid Cerilia of Azrai?s taint ? regardless of who comes to own the Brute.
Purpose: Random event: matter of justice: the brute must die, horse thieves shalt be hanged / magical event / crime. Foe / useful servant.

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