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Arms of SidhuireArms of Sidhuire

Resources: Rye, Barley, Lumber.
Population: x


Of all the provinces on the border with Tuarhievel, Sidhuire is the most fey in nature. Many elves make their home in Sidhuire though they look to the elf-king for guidance not the monarch of Dhoesone. Sidhuire is sparsely populated as many humans feel ill at ease in the mystical woods. Youths often vanish on moonlit nights and return months later, if at all, with tales of dances with the faeries and similar tales.

The local folk all know that the land, while beautiful is not to be tamed or trifled with and despite the best efforts of the guilds, logging is all but banned in the province - many years ago the local count decreed that only certain areas could be harvested for lumber and these managed woods have been almost the only source of lumber ever since.

A few daring merchants trade with the goblins of the wood for older lumber but this was discouraged until the current count took his post. With the aid of Adaere Doneim's gold, the arrogant young count Alaric is said to be considering overturning the age old lumber ban itself.


Alaric Huire is the domineering lord of Sidhuire.
Bhaeli Dhoesone is the mousy wife of Alaric.
Oerwinde Huire is the conniving daughter of Alaric and Baeli.
Morwe Huire, the sister of the Count of Sidhuire.
Roger Noralind is Lord of Knutesford. His daughter, Aubrae Noralind is a young adventurer.



The largest town in the province, Knutesford was founded near a small silver mine that still produces a small amount of the precious metal. The silver is traded to the elves of Eidenhome for their goods which are then traded south. The town has traded in this fashion for generations and its people are often vocal in defense of the elves - many of the people owe their livelihoods to the elves and few in the village speak against them. The village is by contrast strident in their hatred of goblins; the Red Fist clan of goblins dwells in the north and its warriors regularly attack the folk of Knutesford when the Stone God commands them to do so or they desire plunder - or simple excitement.

[top]Ugrot's Den

The northern village of Urgot's Den is home to the Red Fist clan of goblins and regularly sends warriors to raid for plunder and slaves. The Baroness has sent troops to attack the village on several occasions, however until the Knights of Avanil and Tuornen were tasked with protecting the woods few locals had any expectation that the Red Fist clan would ever be destroyed or driven north. So far the knights have not been successful; on the rare occasions when they have approached a goblin village, the goblins have simply fled, while Ugrot's Den itself is too well defended for the knights to attack openly and the power of the Stone God seems to warp the land around the village to lead attackers astray.


Not found on any human map of the province, Eidenholme is a small elven village located near the Sidhe Glade. The elves of Eidenholme trade with the nearby folk of Knutesford to maintain good relations, but always travel to the village of Northford to do so. The enchanted paper lanterns of Eidenholme have an extraordinary reputation; these small folded lanterns are made of paper and pliable bark and glow when unfolded for several days without giving off heat. The lanterns are prized by miners who fear firedamp and also by sailors and the like who prize the fact the lantern does not burn and thus risk a sea-going vessel, most of the lanterns give light for a few weeks before fading.

Eidenholme is also noted for the arrows it makes which are of exceptional quality. These arrows are shunned by some of the warriors and hunters of Dhoesone, for it is said that they will never strike one favored by the elves.

[top]Sites and features

[top]The Sidhe Glade

This enchanted glade is said to hold a natural fountain of the purest water in all Cerilia. The fountain is said to bestow long-life on those who drink from it and beauty on those who bathe in it. The glade is surrounded by great oaks said to have a silver sheen to their leaves and is frequently visited by elves, dryads, and other fairy folk.

DM secret: The Glade enchants those who 'accept it' infusing them with a touch of fey spirit, those who partake of it too often may become half elven in nature, or even entirely elven over time. In smaller doses the water heals minor wounds, temporarily increases gracefullness, ameliorates the effect of age, etc.

[top]The Crystal Caves

Long before the Rjuven or Andu came to Cerilia the dwarves and elves met, and knowing only goblins, giants and other brutal races fought briefly before realizing that neither race coveted the other's land or desired mayhem or conquest. The two races agreed a peace treaty in the crystal caves under Sidhuire in which they swore peace towards each other - and an alliance against the goblins.

The beauty of the caves is extraordinary and they are considered a national treasure and banned from exploitation. The crown long ago claimed ownership of the caves and many wizards have sonorously proclaimed on how the crystals grew in such spectacular forms and profusion.

DM secret: The caves adds 1 to the source potential of the province if the wizard is skilled at drawing magic from the earth.

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