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Sentient portal to the Shadow World and self-proclaimed god; CR:?

God of the Red Fist clan goblins

Minor Bloodline of Azrai, 20

LE Large Demon (petrified into a stone idol)

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Visions

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed none

Melee Atk x

Ranged x

Base Atk x

Abilities Str n/a, Dex n/a, Con n/a , Int 20, Wis 30, Cha 30



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: The Stone God is a 12 foot tall statue of half a fiend (the top half, legs may exist under the ground) A stone altar clearly designed for sacrifice lies before the idol. The Stone God has a shifting coloration of crimson, pitch black highlighted with gold flecks. Those staring at the stone god often find themselves staring into a particularly nightmarish part of the Shadow World, seeing bizarre visions, or having their vision warped so that the stone god appears to move like a living being.

Possessions: None beyond its altar. The Stone God commands the fealty of the Red Fist goblins, but has no interest in tribute or treasure beyond sacrifices.
Typical Dialogue:

The sky grows dark about you and the rivers turn to blood, your dreams are filled with the screams of the dying as the village you find yourself standing in is attacked by goblins and fiends, the folk not lying at your feet butchered are chained and wait weeping for their fate to be decided.
Amongst the slaves you see yourself, your dream self kneels before a great goblin priest and is branded with the sign of the Stone God. "You cannot resist" whispers the dream about you, "I am strength, I am conquest, I am inevitable victory for the true lords of Aebrynis."

The ground fell away and the goblins saw the forest passing under their feet at great speed, the bridge a days run north was barely above the water of the swollen river - swollen from the rain expected this eve, the goblins knew, a wagon slowly crossed the bridge, driven by a stout man of advancing years and a young girl. The girl was claimed by the Stone God the vision proclaimed, the wagon theirs for the looting.


The goblins of the Red Fist clan worship the black statue of a fiend that stands in the center of their largest village, though it long predates even their ancient habitation of the land. Their priests and mystics dream often of the statue and obey the bizarre orders it sends without question.
The Stone God in many ways aids its people ? it orders them to clear land, plant crops and the like, and seems to know well the strength of its enemies for the raids it orders are rarely against overwhelming foes.

The Stone God sometimes teaches secrets of power to the Red Fist goblins, particularly those goblins twisted by the Grimpen Mire, and as a result the clan has produced wizards on several occasions, leading the goblins to see wizards as touched by the gods and to revere them, and fear their magic.

From time to time the Stone God demands that captives are left overnight on the altar before it, generally during midwinter. These captives often simply vanish, but sometimes are found in the morning free of their bonds and possessed of some terrible spirit ? or driven mad by the whisperings in their mind throughout the night.

Others of these sacrifices are warped in body and mind to suit the whim of the stone fiend. These unfortunates either serve the goblins, or rule amongst them.

Those sent mad are driven from the village, the goblins will not kill such god-touched folk but will not tolerate them in their midst either, human villagers greatly fear such twisted folk and church law demands that they are banished.

Purpose: McGuffin, doorway to the Shadow World

Matter of justice: banish the beast!

[top]Plots and rumors

Bound in chains of stone and sorcery

The Stone God is the remnant of a Shadow World fiend wrought from the stuff of nightmares during the War of the Shadow by Azrai. The Stone God, along with several others struck the land around Dhoesone to slay the few lordly giants yet living and then sweep along the Taelshore weakening the Rjuven of Hjalsone (as Dhoesone then was), Stjordvik and so on. Several of the demons were destroyed in a series of terrible battles by the druids of the land, but the Stone God was undone not by druids, but by a miscalculation of its maker.

Though the sidhe were nominally allied with Azrai, who had come to them in the guise of a spirit of nature, and had no love for the Rjuven, the sidhe truly loathed demons of the Shadow World. The sidhe brought terrible magic to bear against the demons that survived their battles with the druids petrifying the demons into stone statues and entombing them in the earth.

To bind the demons the elves worked with the karamhul of the land to create a series of enchanted rune-stones to cast their spells. After the Stone God summoned the Red Fist clan to it and was unearthed by them, it ordered the goblins to recover the rune-stones used to entrap it so that it might free itself. Several of the stones have been recovered and are placed carefully around the Stone God, the goblins ceaselessly search for the remainder of the Stones and undertake elaborate ruses to win stones held by sidhe clans - while striving to avoid losing a trial against the sidhe. By ancient command of the Stone God the goblins swathe this search in bizarre ritual and tradition that the sidhe see the raids as mere testing - the Stone God has no desire to warn the sidhe that it yet endures.

Awakened in anger

For long years the Stone God has mostly slumbered, spending months without giving any sign to its faithful, recently however it has become far more active, and begun warning its goblins of a coming storm, a coming of a fell spirit who can grant the Stone God freedom and them power. This spirit is known of old to the Stone God and has begun to manifest in Dhoesone already, if it can be persuaded - or tricked - into freeing the Stone God from its elven prison then it would be an end to games that test and strengthen the warriors without risking the clan, and the dawn of a new age of goblin rule. The Red Fist merely need to find the servants of this spirit and bring them to the Stone God that it may speak through them to their master...

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