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The Red Fist clan goblins are the most savage of their kind in Dhoesone – only the most foolhardy trader dares their lands in the belief they enough of the tribe's ways and odd taboos to emerge safely. Amongst the common folk of Dhoesone the Red Fist goblins are notorious for kidnapping folk for use in sacrifice or as slaves.

The superstitious goblin clans live in the eastern woods and regularly (but relatively non-violently) raid the sidhe under a mutual ancient tradition of ‘coup’ whereby each side merely ‘proves its strike’ and the winner claims a prize – typically one of the two dozen or so ancient rune-stones that the goblins prize so highly.

Against the human settlers however no such tradition of claiming coup exists and whenever the humans break one of the clan’s innumerable bizarre taboos, or unforgivably worse, gain one of the Red Fist’s sacred rune-stones, the goblins strike out with bloody results.

The goblins follow Hrukk Stonebound, their grand shaman, absolutely and are utterly terrified of him and other magic users. The clans of the Red Fist shun iron and typically use bronze, wood and stone for tools and weapons. To the regret of the Dhoesoneans these crude clubs and spears and blow-guns are just as deadly as normal weapons – particularly given the goblins frequent use of poison.

Persistent rumor holds that the midnight-black obsidian statue in the heart of the goblin lands known as the Stone God speaks to the goblins to demand sacrifice or ritual and that only a few experienced guides can find there way in the shifting paths of the woods around the statue. It is said that some of the goblins have awnsheghlien blood and have not merely tattoos but real scales on their hands and arms, the truth of this slur is unproven but often these rumors are aired by those who wished the goblins destroyed.

Those who have traveled deep into the lands of the Red Fist say that compasses spin wildly and strange dreams come to those who sleep while touching iron, leaving many locals to shun the metal as the goblins do.

Some of the Red Fist goblins trade their woodwork, herbal remedies, poisons and so on with neighboring goblins – and even a few brave human merchants. This trade brings news of the outside world to the clan chiefs and so is tolerated, if not overly encouraged.

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The Red Fist goblins have over ten millennia of bizarre traditions governing interaction with the sidhe, but they have little understanding of Anuireans or Rjurik, who they presume to be ugly, skinny goblins. The Redfist clan avoid Daeric Dhoesone and his magic like the plague, and 'harvest' villages rather than launching serious assaults, but recently they have been challenged by Viscount Randall Afrindunn who has made it his personal crusade to eliminate the ancient goblins. The odd human knight who makes a bloodfeud from a raid is not unknown, and the Redfist response is no different to before - they plan to lure the Viscount into an ambush and slaughter his knights. The Stone God has however demanded that Afrindunn be brought before him and sacrificed, promising great rewards for the taste of the noble's blood. And so Hrukk schemes and Hatokk hunts and sooner or later the Avanese noble will find that the hunter has become the hunted...

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