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Male Goblin Priest 8/Awnshegh 4 (ECL: 10); CR:12
Grand Shaman of the Red Fist goblins
Lineage of Royalty
Great Bloodline of Azrai, 60
LE Small Humanoid

VP/WP x/x
Init +x
Languages Goblin, Anuirean, Rjuven, Sidhelien

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x
Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 30 ft
Melee Atk x
Ranged x
Base Atk x

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 16+, Cha 14+.
Feats: Skill Focus (Herbalism), Knowledge (Nature)
Skills: Profession (herbalist) (max), Knowledge (Nature) (max)
Special Qualities: long life, death touch, fear, regeneration, invulnerability, heightened ability
Description: A small goblin by birth, Hrukk has been twisted over the centuries by the Grimpen Mire - and by his long worship of the Stone God. Hrukk's eyes have become large and reptilian, while the clan signature red scales have covered much of his body albeit thinly. Hrukk's has become feeble over the centuries but he is still surprisingly spry and remains keen witted.
Possessions: Hrukk bears a talisman passed down from shaman to shaman over the centuries. Made by the ancient goblin sorcerers of the Grimpen Mire, the talisman adds 4 to a spellcaster's primary attribute and 1 to their effective caster level. The talisman must enter the Shadow World once a season to continue to function - although a few hours in proximity to a strong planar gate or longer period in an area of very weak planar boundaries would suffice. Hrukk also typically carries a multitude of potions and poisons, both which he brews often and distributes amongst the clan.

Typical Dialogue:
The Rjuven took the raven token from the sidhe of the dark thicket? Then we can claim it without waiting for the full moon following next midsummer! The Stone God will be reborn in our lifetimes yet!
You are on the path to greatness Hatokk, claim the blood of the accursed Randall with your claws and you may gain the strength of our forefather's. Go to make ambush at the place the earth drinks the river and claim his blood!
The potions are made great one, and will soon fill their women's bellies; your children will grow in the cities of stone within the season.


Hrukk is the shaman of Ugrot's Den, largest village of the Red Fist clan goblins. He leads the worship of the Stone God for all the Red Fist goblins and ensures that the many traditions and purity of the Red Fist clan are maintained.

Hrukk spends much of his time dreaming with the Stone God, mediating between the Red Fist clans and ways to strengthen the clan. Hrukk is worried by the worship of Kartathok in Dhoesone and often spends time rooting out those spreading heresy amongst the Red Fist. Less often he seeks to spread the faith of the Stone God - goblins untouched by the Stone God are rarely of interest to it, although it welcomes those twisted by the spirits of the Grimpen Mire.


While the entire Red Fist clan heeds Hrukk's wise words, his core followers are the tribal champion Hatokk the Blessed, a twistling sorcerer Usp the Sly, a handful of lesser shamans and whichever goblin hunter wins the annual hunting competition in a given year. Hrukk is attended at almost all times by half a dozen or more brawny goblins or twistlings - the clan values its shaman.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Dark rumors

The Stone God has sent many strange visions over Hrukk's many years, but in the last few years Hrukk has seen visions of demons walking the land unlike anything before - some dark presence in the Shadow World seeks passage and the Stone God sees a way free of its long entrapment in the being's coming. Hrukk is less welcoming of the idea - the goblins have a reasonable life and have survived a long time in the land, but Hrukk sees no future for them in a land of demons and undead.

Hrukk won't oppose the Stone god's visions, but is quite capable of 'interpreting them' widely - and making sure that some of the less predictable clan members undertake deniable action if need be. As for this coming demon, it will find that if it plans ill for the goblins, then the Red Fist have long known of the ways of demons - and made many plans on how to combat them.

[top]Black blood

Hrukk has long been worried about the clan's numbers, although the Red Fist clan is quite spread out they are fewer than they once were. As a result Hrukk leaped at a plan formed recently by the Stone God. Hrukk has begun creating some potions to imbue the drinker with a touch of the Grimpen Mire, the drinker's children will almost inevitably be twistlings, while most will be drowned or otherwise killed at birth, Hrukk hopes that many will come to live with the Red Fists.

Of course Hrukk wouldn't risk the clan with the inevitable back-lash, fortunately the goblins of Thurazor make convenient stooges and few humans can tell goblins apart. He just needs to make sure the effect is delayed long enough for the potions to reach a number of recipients and find some way of getting the humans to drink the potions, perhaps some unwitting merchant might be convinced to help?

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