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Arms of TradebheinArms of Tradebhein

Resources: Logging products, furs, exotic mushrooms.
Population: x


Tradebhein has suffered greatly in recent decades, many goblins have settled in the west while great numbers of the native Dhoesoneans have fled for more welcoming lands leaving its population low. As Cariele's aggression stops immigration from elsewhere in Dhoesone many inhabitants have come to believe that it is only a matter of time before the goblin immigrants outnumber the Dhoesoneans.

The woods are heavily lumbered by Mheallie Bireon's loggers, she controls the logging camps with a grip of iron and those who speak against her rarely live to continue their defiance - even sheriffs and the like talk softly when they criticize the southern guilder. The baroness's grip on the province has slowly been usurped by Mheallie over the years, and the following of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth which long aided the baroness has been almost completely supplanted by the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie.



Prominent towns in Tradebhein include Refuge, a fortified town near Thurazor that was originally founded as a place where weary legions could shelter from goblin or elven raids. Refuge (including outlying farms and camps) is home to almost a quarter of the province's population and is the centerpiece of the struggle for influence between Mheallie and the Baroness, many think that if the guilds succeed in winning control of the town then Cariele will assert its ancient rights and seek to claim the province as its own.


The second large settlement is Ingratestown; to win peace with Thurazor a generation ago Hadrien Dhoesone reluctantly permitted a small band of goblins to settle in Ingratestown. The goblins have bred like flies while most of the natives have left the town due to its increasing 'goblin nature', leaving it almost entirely populated by goblins. Since the 'sidhe queen' Fhiele ascended the town has answered only to minions of the Goblin King - explaining the popular name of the town in Dhoesone.

[top]Sites and features

[top]The Blackstone

This raised black plinth is sacred to the goblin god Kartathok. Long overgrown by vines and other weeds the influx of goblins into the province has left it cleaned and the grass about it flattened from use - the local priests of Sarimie fear that it has been re-consecrated to the goblin god, and will becoming the focus of a church if swift action is not taken.

[top]Saphrael's Dell

This fairy dell long home to playful spirits has suffered greatly from Mheallie's loggers who venture closer every year. The playful pranks of the forest spirits long ago turned vicious and Mheallie has been vocal in requesting military aid from the Baroness to raze the dell and slay its inhabitants - particularly the hamadryad Saphrael who has beguiled many of her men - the last axeman sent to hack down the ancient oaks of the dell is said to have turned to Erik and become a druid!

[top]Blue Roses

These small rose-like flowers grow in the region from a symbiotic vine that climbs around trees damaged by fire and effectively acts as replacement bark feeding the treetop with water while absorbing nutrients in return.

The rose petals can be used to make a subtle perfume popular in the more urbane courts of Brechtür and Khinasi where the culture of regular bathing amongst the nobility leads to a preference for such subtle scents.

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