Anuire » The Northern Marches » Dhoesone » Manchamps Bhrien
Male Anuirean Expert 6; CR:6

Aide to Viscount Randall Afrindunn

Lineage of Townsfolk


LN Medium Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean, Brecht, Goblin

AC x, touch x, flatfooted x

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed 30 ft

Melee Atk x

Ranged x

Base Atk x

Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 10



Special Qualities:


Typical Dialogue:

Perhaps we should leave dealing with such rabble to the footmen milord ? goblin savages are hardly worthy of our knights? attention and we were sent to aid, not to bleed while the baroness? troops stand idle.

Doneim has sent you another crate of the port you so admired milord, a fine gentleman who understands the needs of his betters. I hear he has had some trouble on the west road, mayhap a patrol might be sent to aid his men?


Viscount Randall?s aide Manchamps is obsequious, retiring to the point of invisibility, and has more wit in his least finger than his lord has in his entire body. Manchamps reports directly to Prince Avan on the situation in Dhoesone and the surrounding realms ? and in particular if Helaene Dosiere speaks well of the doings of the Avanese knights (and thus presumably praises Prince Avan to Caliedhe Dosiere, the Chamberlain of Anuire).
Manchamps is working to ensure Dhoesone's lords remain at odds with Mheallie Bireon ? the Prince would prefer her occupied in the north or weakened rather than remaining strong enough to expand into the south.
Manchamps is currently plotting to keep Dhoesone militarily weak so that it becomes increasingly dependent on aid from Avanil ? and trying to separate the realm from Tuarhievel which he sees as a realm of godless savages.
In between his plotting on behalf of the prince Manchamps generally spends most of his time tidying up behind the viscount by paying off farmers irate at damage to their crops from hunting or some dalliance by one of the knights (often Afrindunn) with their daughter?

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Where the wild ones dwell

If the Knights of Avanil could destroy one of the larger villages of the Red Fist clan goblins, Manchamps is fairly sure that he could get Afrindunn to 'declare victory' and turn to routine patrolling rather than actively seeking out goblin forces. To that end Manchamps has been tracking down merchants who deal with the goblins to see if they can be persuaded to tell the knights how to find the goblins.
Manchamps is a little concerned however, the goblins may be derided by the viscount as mere savages, and indeed they seem ignorant even of how to work iron, but Manchamps has seen a malign intelligence behind their movements, and he is increasingly worried that the goblins may have some fell sorcery to call upon. He also cannot help but worry that some of the information he seeks has come too easily - and frequently come missing certain key points of information...

[top]Fear and hunger

During one of the knights 'reprisal raids' against goblin bandits, the knights stumbled over a small grassed-over ruin, the knights returned with some old bronze jewelry, some crumbling books, and a small statue of a naked woman carved from blackest obsidian.

Manchamps immediately confiscated the statue, but before he could send it to the priests of Haelyn to be destroyed (since its lewd image and oddly disturbing feel was clearly ungodly) he began receiving visions in his dreams - visions of terrible things happening to the viscount if Manchamps did not heed the warning in the visions on the one hand, of Manchamps becoming a man of status and wealth on the other.

So far Manchamps has done nothing beyond hide the statue, he fears that it contains some malign presence but it has made no threats, demanded nothing, its suggestions seem reasonable, and its promises are so inviting...

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