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This article gives basic guidelines for using non-PHB classes in Birthright. These classes are usually published in the 'Complete' series of accessories. Just like the Character Classes part of the [[BRCS]], these are supposed to be only short descriptions of how and why those classes can or cannot be used in Birthright setting. If you wish to express more detailed thought on applications of a certain class in Birthright setting, please create a new page and make at least the titles on this one link to it.


Beguiler can be used as a true magic Arcane spellcasting class, but DMs should be extremely careful of the possibility of disrupting the established supremacy of the rare Wizards and Sorcerers. Beguilers would find especially nice niche in the more civilized cultures where politics and intrigue are part of everyday life, such as Anuire, but they could also be potentially disrupting for the political situation. Once again, use them with care.

[top]Dragon Shaman

Considering the extreme rarity and reclusive nature of Dragons on Cerilia, it is impossible to make use of this class in Birthright setting.


Much like Sorcerer, the description of this class easily defines it as one that should be limited to Elves only. It might be an interesting class for Rhuobhe Manslayer and Fhileraene, the Silver Prince of Tuarhievel.

[top]Favored Soul

Favored Soul is possible in Birthright setting as a Divine spellcaster similar to Cleric that casts spells like Sorcerer. Their solitary nature and the fact that they don't have to study hard makes it difficult for this class to fit in, however. Divine spellcasters in Birthright are usually part of well established religious organizations, and Favored Soul class is not made for such role. Wild areas of Vosgaard might be a good place for Favored Souls of Belinik and Kriesha. Loners that gain spells from Erik should use Druid class, but Favored Soul might be an interesting alternative because of spontaneous spellcasting.


Hexblade can be easily fit into Birthright setting as lesser magic spellcasting class. Hexblade spell list quite nicely abides the rules for lesser magic. However, existing Birthright material doesn't offer much evidence of existence of Hexblade characters on Cerilia.


This class should feel right at home in Birthright setting, especially in Anuire. Using the [[BRCS]] classes only, Fighter and Noble are by far the most frequent among the nobility, but Knight class should challenge their supremacy if used. Regents with great reputation for their fighting prowess, like Aeric Boeruine, Darien Avan, Heirl Diem, Gavin Tael and others, should have at least some levels in this class, if not all their Fighter levels replaced with Knight levels.


Since there are no far eastern cultures in Birthright setting, there is no place for Ninja class. Players who wish to play a character similar to a ninja should try a Fighter/Rogue/Magician multiclass combination, possibly with Assassin prestige class if the DM allows it.


Since there are no far eastern cultures in Birthright setting, there is no place for Samurai class.


Scout is an ideal class for Birthright setting as there are several cultures that maintain dedicated scouting units in their armies. If you dislike the idea of spellcasting Ranger representing a scout, use the Scout class instead.


Since there are no far eastern cultures in Birthright setting, there is no place for Shugenja class.


Spellthief can be used as a lesser magic class in Birthright, but its spell-stealing abilities have the potential of disrupting the low-magic mechanics that insure the fearsome reputation of true magic Wizards and Sorcerers in Birthright. Players simply wishing to play a sneaky lesser magic spellcaster should consider a Bard or Rogue/Magician rather than taking the Spellthief class.

[top]Spirit Shaman

The lack of sources about spirits in Birthright makes it difficult to use the Spirit Shaman class. Optionally, Spirit Shaman may be used as evil-only class of Divine spellcasters that communicate with spirits formerly of Spirit World, now entities of the Shadow World. As such, it would be most frequent in Vosgaard.


Swashbuckler is a natural class choice for warriros from Brechtür, as well as for lightly-armored fighters from urban areas of Anuire and Khinasi. Brecht Swashbucklers with Black Strike feat and its prerequisites should be quite fearsome foes.


Due to its nature of gaining magical abilities from dark pacts or heritage, Warlock class has very limited application in Birthright setting. Fiendish origins and any contact with Outsiders in Birthright is extremely unlikely. DMs may allow characters with Azrai bloodline to take Warlock levels because of the dark nature of their Bloodline. For example, Warlock of the Stonecrowns from the same-named adventure module might have a few or all of his levels in this class.
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- Alternative approaches to fitting warlocks into Birthright


Warmage class seems to be made for Birthright (it was written by Richard Baker after all). Provided that your DM agrees that Warcraft should be a class skills for this class, you no longer have to multiclass your arcanist or invest skill points in a cross-class skill to be able to cast Battle Spells. One thing DMs should be careful about is the policy of certain cultures and institutions towards dedicated use of true magic in war. For example, does the College of Sorcery in Anuire train Warmages? What do the Khinasi think about Warmages and what's the opinion of Avani's clergy about this? Erik Danig, Count of Danigau, is a good example of Warmage in Birthright setting. The class should also be very popular among Elves who like to use destructive magic against their Human and Goblin foes.

[top]Wu Jen

Since there are no far eastern cultures in Birthright setting, there is no place for Wu Jen class.

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