Rhuimach Taeline

Dhoesone » Rhuimach Taeline
Male Hanner Sidhe Noble 4/ Ranger 6; CR:10

Captain General of Dhoesone, Lord of Taeline

Lineage of Lesser Nobility


N Medium Humanoid


Init +0

Languages language

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha



Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities

Description: , lbs


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This article contains content that relies on the
assumption that half-elves are changelings.

Please see Hanner Sidhe for more information about this varient.

A hundred and thirty years ago, a scion of the house of Taeline crossed into Tuarhievel in response to a yearning he could not explain. He was met by an sidhe ranger, Fedabhair, who told him about the lives of the elves. Compelled, Rhuimach, then known as Robert, learned all that he could and embraced the sidhe life. The elves he met explained to him the dangers to their way of life and Rhuimach was eager to aid them in order to preserve such beauty and grace.

Rhuimach was sent back to Dhoesone to enlist human aid in achieving the aims of the elves. It was not a terribly fruitful venture. The humans were stubborn and few had the wisdom to aid the elves. Two generations of men past, the guilds cruelty and abuses finally inflamed the heart the sidhe nation of Tuarhievel. The haters of men among the elves clamored for war against Dhoesone. Wiser heads counseled a more subtle path. Rhuimach was to go to the Baron of Dhoesone with an ultimatum. Either he surrender his daughter, and heir, to the elves to be raised in the sidhe court, or Queen Ibelcoris Llyrandor would unleash the army to settle the abuses of the humans in the forests. The Baron, in order to protect both his family and his realm, accepted with deep grief at the loss of his infant daughter.

The Queen adopted the infant child as her own, and the long upbringing in the Rose Court altered the young human. She was given the sidhe name Fhiele in honor of Fhilerwyn, Ibelcoris' late husband and the author of the most recent attempts to find a modis vivendi with the humans. Now the Queen continued to seek a way to work through sidhe-trained agents like Rhuimach Taeline, Fhiele Dhoesone, and Torele Anviras rather than resorting to war. In 1511 of the human calendar (HC), the Queen was assassinated for her conciliatory policy towards the humans. The new prince of Tuarhievel, Fhileraene made some concessions to the haters of men, but he protected the elf-changed humans, and continued to use them to advance the interests of the elves in human lands.

In time Rhuimach was made the Captain General of Dhoesone, and so Tuarhievel possessed the army of Dhoesone. Unfortunately the human guilders continued to abuse the land, and in Talinie, Torele Anviras was sent to demand an end to the abuses and the destruction of the Aelvinnwode in Talinie, Torele sought to explain to the humans of Talinie the folly of their ways. His arrival back home was not what he expected. He dramatically reappeared, declared himself the mage of Talinie, and urged a new course in affairs. Needless to say, a new course was not adopted. Perhaps Torele's expectations about what was possible, let alone probable, were not realistic, but bitterness soon became a hallmark of Torele's demeanor as he found humans unwilling to become elves.

Rhuimach Taeline was able to spend much more time in Tuarhievel than Torele, and there were many elves in Dhoesone. When the old Baron of Dhoesone died, Fhiele's time had come, and another Hanner Sidhe was directing affairs in an Anuirean realm. Today, Rhuimach is part of the sidhe establishment in Dhoesone, leading the humans towards a better engagement with nature and preventing the worst abuses of the foolish humans.

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