The Shadow World is a myth to many in Aebrynis, tales telling of creatures with strange powers that manifest from the dark. Yet, with each story, there are some truths - many of those who associate with the Shadow World do indeed have or develop abilities that are not natural.

Some of these abilities are only available to natives of the Shadow World, like the halfling. Others may be a consequence of spending time within the world. While some organisations may be able to train individuals to work with shadow, to truly understand how to manipulate its hidden reality you may need to become part of it.

[top]Shadow Abilities & Skills

Some shadow abilities directly relate to the Shadow World and how it relates to players.


The Seeming or awnmebhaighl is the reality of the Shadow World, which can be modified and created by those with suitable skills and Seeming score. A good Seeming perception is required to see through the illusions of the Seeming. Unfortunately this is only gained by exposure to the Seeming, which may end up making you part of it.

[top]Taint (optional - not canon)

If someone spends time in parts of the Shadow World, not only do you become more a part of the Seeming, but you can also be influenced by the corruption that is at its core. The Taint of the Shadow World may change their thoughts and direction. While it isn't an ability that can be used at will, it does have some benefits based on the degree of taint, like extra feats. However, it also has consequences.

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[top]Shadow Magic

Magic in the Shadow World does not use mebhaighl. Instead, it is based on illusions formed from the awnmebhaighl. Those with the Shadow Magic feat are particularly good at this.

There are also some spells that relate specifically to the Shadow World.

There are also various arcane spells relating to Darkness, but it is not known whether they have any direct link to awnmebhaighl or the Shadow World. Some may in fact be better considered more in Eloéle's Night domain.

Some spells can be used to counter shadow abilities but it may be that some with shadow abilities may also be able to use them.

[top]Shadow Feats

A number of feats are available that relate to working with shadow and/or the Shadow World. Some are specific to certain races or classes but may still need to be learnt.

[top]Shadow Creatures

Some creatures of the Shadow World have other supernatural abilities. As such, a Shadow World version of the creature may differ from that found in Aebrynis. Scholars have speculated that others should thus be able to learn such powers, but there are no records of this having ever occurred. Of course, that does not mean that it isn't possible.

The following are some of these abilities:

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