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Male mystical stag; CR: 4-12 (depending on which stories one believes)
Believed blooded, either awnshegh or ehrshegh of Reynir depending on the bard telling the story.
N Large beast

VP/WP x/x
Init +x
Languages None beyond foreboding and aura of otherness.

AC ,
Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft
Melee Atk
Base Atk

Abilities Str 20, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 18.
'''Special Qualities:
Description: A magnificent white stag with wide antlers of deepest black.
Possessions: None
Typical Dialogue:
the great stag rears and then stamps its hooves
The wind abruptly gusts with an odd chill, for a moment a great white stag stands before you, then it turns and gallops away


A veritable questing beast, the White Stag has been seen in eastern Dhoesone for centuries. Some claim that the elusive beast was once a druid of Erik – even that it is an ehrsheghlien! The Stag tends to appear in times of hardship or danger and warn of the threat, lead folk to clean water of bushes of berries, etc. The Stag is also however seen in some areas as a sign of ill omen and said to steal away maidens who seek to ride it. The elves refuse to talk of the Stag while the Goblins fear it. The Stag is said to be a magnificent beast with silver-white fur and vast ebony black antlers.

The stag has been seen recently in Ruidewash and the youths following it are said to have found the legendary Sidhe Glade. One maiden who followed the stag was however not merely found brutally slain, but rose from her funeral bier to strike at her mourning family! Whether some loathsome beast has polluted the glade or she was slain by a roving terror of some sort clearly the fiend responsible must be hunted down and slain.

Purpose: Colour, questing beast, warning of peril, etc.
Potential matter of justice: Ungodly brute vs spirit of the wild.



[top]Plots and rumors


As noted a large number of myths surround the stag, most are likely false, but in such a mystical land who can say which? Alternatively hunted and revered the stag is mentioned in bard's tales as far back as a millennia ago, some say there is an entire herd of such fabulous beasts, most tales mention but the one, though some say that another stag always takes on its mantle if the stag itself is slain.

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