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Male Giant Priest 10 (12 see equipment); CR:x

Tribal shaman of long vanished giants

Major Bloodline of Vorynn, 44

LG Huge Humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Giant, Goblin, Sidhelien, Karamhul, Anuirean

AC , (stone and chain plate mail, -1 size, +8 natural)

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft

Melee Atk Huge Great-hammer

Ranged Thrown rock.

Base Atk

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha .



Special Qualities:Spells*, Bloodline: Long Life, other powers

Description: A powerfully built cloud giant noted for silence, hand gestures instead of speech, and deep thought.

Possessions: Enhanced mebhaighl stone: The Heartstone. +2 to source level of province, +1 level for each of the source levels attuned to, +1 to key attribute for each source level attuned to, attuned person vulnerable to disruption of source by awnmebhaighl. Huge great-hammer +5 giant slayer. Special purpose: slay evil wizards.

Typical Dialogue:

The giant looks at you and then appears to lose interest, focusing instead on chiseling a thin sliver of stone from the rock he has carved and positioning it just so in the center of the farmer's field.


An ancient giant, Grun carves stone in the village of Grunsdell which was founded by the archaeologist Halmied Stonewatcher who wanted to study the silent giant's many carvings.

What purpose (if any) the statues that the giant carves and scatters around the dell serve is unknown. Some of the farmers grumble when one of Grun's stones appears in their fields but none would dare move them from their carefully placed positions for Grun can be unpredictable at times - and besides, the fields are often supernaturally bountiful after such a gift.

Locals insist that Grun is harmless (unless you tamper with his statues) and indeed say that he has defended the village on many occasions, no giant from the Giantdowns will face him casually for they fear he has great magic and his great maul has slain many of their number over the years.

Grun, thought simple by most for his apparent inability to speak, often trades quarried stone with the villagers, helps them in heavy tasks and the like. What Grun does with the money he earns is another mystery, the rare pieces that he gifts to strangers sell for substantial sums although the locals insist that he is compensated for these gifts if they learn of them. "Grun may be too simple to demand fair payment but we won?t let him be taken advantage of" is a common refrain of the mayor of Grunsdell when travelers complain of the demand for payment.

Some cynics insist that the Mayor uses the money he demands to fund his own needs or the village rather than give it to Grun but those who know the big-hearted mayor believe him sincere.

Grun's larger stones often have magical properties, these include plant growth, planar lock, protection vs evil, and fortune. The spells often extend over a wide area due to the presence of several stones and the village of Grun's Dell benefits immensely from the magics - even if some very strange growths are sometimes found in the rich magic of the land.

Grun?s most cherished possession, even above his mighty enchanted maul and his beloved stones, is a block of pumice that fell near him after the battle of Mount Deismaar. The stone is a powerful mebhaighl stone which glows softly when close to a ley line or in the presence of magic. Grun has not aged since finding the stone and over the centuries has slowly shaped it into a perfect sphere that he calls the Heartstone.

Purpose: Ally. Quest person.


Grun's Dell villagers will rally to Grun's aid, as will a number of travelers who have been saved from ogres and the like by the giant.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]The reborn menace

For centuries Grun has quietly carved and pondered the vanishing of his people, mourning from time to time but mainly stoically pressing on with his ancient rituals awaiting a sign from his god that some of his people yet remain or could rise again. A year ago the his worst fear was realised instead. Grun fell deathly ill when the Giant's of the Giantdowns found an ancient cairn and released spirits of the ancient enemies of Grun's people. The spirits possessed their corrupted descendants and marched through Dhoesone shattering its defenders and finally sailing away to the west - aside from one who remained with his un-possessed kin and now dominates the town of Harper's Point.

Grun has begun carving totems that he has not carved in millennia, totems to ward away the foul stone-wracking magics of the ancient fhoimorien, totems to swathe the land in illusions and misdirection, totems to trap and hold the souls of the ancient fhoimorien once their bodies are encairned. More Grun has begun shaping a forge in his den to be able to make himself armour and weapons for his allies - for while the ancient giant's people are long dead, they are not entirely gone, not while their cairns lie just to the north and some of their spirits linger, more perhaps it is time to consider seeing if some of these Anuireans or Rjurik have the strength of soul to be embraced by stone and reborn as giants? He has already awakened the stone and begun calling for elementals and spirits to rise in preparation for the conflict that will come when the foul corrupter of stone discovers that one of the ancient giant shamans still guards the land...s

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