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Male Anuirean Rogue 4 / Ranger 4 / Dispossessed 1; CR:x

Lineage of minor nobility


CE Medium humanoid

VP/WP x/x

Init +x

Languages Anuirean

AC ,

Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft

Melee Atk


Base Atk

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha .



'''Special Qualities:


Typical Dialogue:
?Your bloodline is sacred ? it is what makes you more than a mere beast, and lifts you above all others. To squander such a blessing is ungodly, for such a crime you deserve only death.?

?Tell me do you know where I can find the local smith? Could you describe him? Tall with dark hair you say! Tell me, does he have a long scar on the back of his right hand??

?Goblin scum - I care not for your tales of elven gold vermin, only the stolen shards of divinity you hold within your blood. Truce be damned, the words of conniving priests cannot undo the truth of the gods.?


The playboy son of a minor Avanese noble, Marcus inherited a small fortune when his father died. Some people in such a position would have made something of themselves, Marcus squandered his inheritance through gambling and debauchery in just two years. Arrested for non-payment of debts Marcus was given a bleak choice of a decades imprisonment in debtors goal or indentured service for the remainder of his life. His brother was unable to pay his debts and Marcus fell into despair ? until a sly priest offered to pay his debts if Marcus allowed his bloodline to be invested in another.
Ever since the day he agreed to the deal Marcus has cursed his youthful folly. Plagued by feelings of an indescribable loss, bereft of the creativity that once so effortlessly came to him, lacking the innate leadership ability that had made him the center of attention his entire life, Marcus soon came to believe that with his bloodline, had been transferred his very soul. Marcus has since avenged himself on the minor noble who stole his bloodline to become a scion, the priest who tricked him, the brother who abandoned him, the creditors who should have warned him of his debts earlier, and many many others.
Marcus has come to firmly believe that all people must hold the spark of divinity ? but only he who has surrendered it understands the true depth of the power bestowed by the gods. As a result every time he kills Marcus prays that he will regain that spark and thus win a place in the afterlife again. Those people who embrace their bloodline ? i.e. those who have truly made something of themselves are exalted in Marcus?s eyes for they understand the value of the divinity within them. Those people who squander their bloodline ? live simple modest lives or otherwise fritter away their time, are utterly contemptible to Marcus and he feels a compulsion to slay such scions in particular.
Guilder Kalien found Marcus after Marcus slew one of the guilder's minions, and seeing the potential of the deranged young man Kalien had his agents approach Marcus. Over several months Kalien subtlety changed Marcus?s views to their current shape ? Guilder Kalien of course being the truest exemplar of a scion who had embraced their bloodline by raising himself from mere merchant to ruler of a great city.
Kalien has sent Marcus to hunt down Jokai, a former agent who betrayed Kalien's plans to Mheallie Bireon. Marcus has spent long months roaming Dhoesone looking for the smith Jokai and will not rest until the smith lies dead by his hand ? he has already killed several smiths that were physically similar to the reports of Jokai but none had the identifying scar and so Marcus? search goes on.
Marcus has recently also begun slaying goblins of Tradebhein ? many of whom possess the blood of Azrai albeit faintly - in an attempt to win himself a bloodline. This has endangered the fragile truce between the goblins and the townsfolk who buy the goblins iron ore.
Marcus is both a reckless fighter and a cautious one. He would willingly die fighting if he could but claim a bloodline first ? he will never hold back when fighting a scion and would slay an unconscious scion before defending himself against an attacker, but unless he has a chance to win a bloodline he fears death terribly ? if slain there is no place in the afterlife for him.
Purpose: Foe. Matter of Justice: Innocent in law, guilty in politics.


None, although Marcus may be able to call upon support from Guilder Kalien if such would serve the guilder?s plans.

[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Red gold

Marcus has recently heard that the RedFist goblin tribe numbers some nascent awnsheghlien in its ranks, while he cannot hope to fight his way past an entire goblin clan to slay its leaders, he reasons that if he can find one of the odd stone tokens that the goblins cherish and place it in a sizable village then when the goblins come to reclaim it he may be able to challenge whatever champion is sent to retrieve the stone and claim the goblins bloodline while the rest of the goblins battle the villagers.

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